YDH Express

Global cross-border logistics service provider


Diversified product channels

According to customers' demand for product timeliness and price, diversified product channels to meet the requirements of customers.

Global service network

Service network covers many main cities in China and main countrys like US,CA and GB in the world.

Reliable partners

YDH have a good cooperation with airlines, tail logistics companies, and cross-border e-commerce supply chain enterprises.

有關 YDH Express

  1. We could provide service for you: Package direct mail from China to other countrys; Overseas warehousing, package delivery and problem package handling; Import declaration and export declaration service; Provide other solutions related with Logistics for you.

  2. Introduction of YDH: Ideal International logistics (YDH) was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Shanghai. After 20 years of development, Ideal logistics has become a integrated cross-border logistics operator, integrating air transport, ocean shipping, express mail, and overseas warehouse.

YDH has two core business segments: Buy Global commodity logistics services and Sell Global commodity logistics services, forming a product system of “Buy Global”-Import Direct Mail and ”Sell Global”-International Dedicated Line Packets, FBA Inbound Transportation, International Postal Packets, Overseas Warehouse Services, and Import and Export Declarations.

YDH devotes to satisfying customers' demand for high-quality cross-border logistics, strive for excellence in service, and strive to build the image of "YDH" international logistics brand, become a global high-quality logistics operator that buys and sells the world commodity, and assists customers in grasping business opportunities and making them bigger and stronger.

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