YDM Delivery (Official)

YDM Delivery (Official)


Integration to YDM delivery

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Intergration to YDM Delivery Company Using this app you can connect your website to YDM Delivery. Our App gives you a way to send your order details directly to the delivery, Print and prepare the package with few clicks.

Very simple steps and you are ready:

  1. Inside the app setting page, fill the details of your company. this information is important for the delivery guy to know where to pick your packages from.

  2. Inside each order page click on "more actions" and then click "Create Delivery"

  3. You can also send orders in bulk from the orders page. just mark the orders you want to send and then click on "more actions" and then click "Create Deliveries"

  4. after clicking you wil be redirect to the our app to verify all details are correct.

  5. choose the right location and click on "Create Delivery"

  6. In case everything is succesfull you will see your shipping number apear on your screen.



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