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Increase sales with AI product recommendations

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AI-powered recommendations

Go above and beyond traditional product recommendation tools. Show customers the most relevant products from the start.

Boost sales with customer data

Our product recommendations are driven by real customer insights. Watch your sales increase when customers are shown targeted products.

Easy to install

Receive instant guided support to create a seamless integration process. We’ve worked with leading global companies, both big and small.

Acerca de YesPlz Fashion Recommendations

Supports clothing, shoes, and earrings only

Are you missing out on sales revenue by showing irrelevant products?

Research shows that when customers have the intention to buy, they are willing to buy more related products. But, every customer has different preferences.

We talked to hundreds of online shoppers to understand the product characteristics they care about and have worked with other fashion retailers to help them increase sales through relevant product recommendations.

Increase sales on products sitting in inventory

Our product recommendation system can show customers exactly what they want, while pulling lesser-sold products from your store.

Why Other Product Recommendation Tools Aren’t Enough

Our research shows that a customer who prefers loose-fitting shirts is unlikely to wear a form-fitted shirt. Current product recommendation tools are unable to filter out those key characteristics.

Our product recommendation system can filter based on customer preference, style, and silhouette.

Don’t miss out on potential upsell opportunities

When customers are shown irrelevant products, they bounce from your store. By showing customers relevant product recommendations, you can target their specific preferences.

The YesPlz Product Recommendation system shows items that are not only relevant based on browsing data, but on customer behavior studies.

Online shoppers easily forget which items they’ve viewed, leading to missed sales.

A personalized product recommendation system can effectively help customers recall what they’ve seen and convert on it.

Kolon Mall: Instant Sales Lift

Follow in the footsteps of a top fashion retailer in Korea, who used our product recommendation system and saw an immediate increase in sales. Customers even purchased previously unsold items after seeing relevant product recommendations.

Easy-to-install. With a single click, receive customized recommendations for your store.

We take care of the back-end work. And, we offer fully guided tech support throughout the process.

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I was looking for a recommendation app that works as I wish. Basic theme or product recommendation app outputs were random but this app matches product categories and stylish factor. I don't know how they do that, but it's pretty amazing technology. very cool.

Respuesta del desarrollador

6 de marzo de 2021

Hiya. Thank you for the recognition. Our AI engineer team is awesome and it is our best interest to provide the best search & recommendation experience for your business. Let us know if there is anything we can help!


We've tried many recommendation apps before and this is the final choice. It really pulls out similar product recommendations matching products, styles, and etc. Their customer service is very responsive too. The team quickly updated our theme support and walked through us. Recommend it !

Respuesta del desarrollador

6 de marzo de 2021

Thank you for the kind words! Let us know anytime if you need any help with our app or search experience at all.