YFret  Personalization Engine

YFret Personalization Engine

da Yfret Inc

Real time personalization starting from the first visit

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Increase sales

Personalized web widgets help your visitors discover products that they like even on their first visit This leads to very high conversions.

Increase brand recall

Our all-in-one plan includes email, browser notifications, sms and Facebook posts - Keep your brand on top of their mind when they are away

Advanced user insights

Get user behavior insights. Set up email alerts about product and user performance - so you know when to act.

Sobre YFret Personalization Engine

70% of website visitors do not come again looking for the same thing . YFret personalizes the very first visit by learning about the user in real time.

Personalized Web Widgets

Our website personalization suite includes the following. We help you customize the look and feel of these product sections to gel with your website design.


  • New Arrivals (Personalized)
  • Trending Products (Personalized)
  • Best Sellers (Personalized)
  • Trending in your location
  • Top Sellers in your location
  • You may also like these
  • Recently viewed by you
  • Happening right now

Category Page:

  • Sorting of products based on the user preference (Personalized)

Product Detail Page:

  • Similar products
  • You may also like
  • People who viewed this also viewed
  • Bought Together

Cart Page:

  • Frequently Bought together
  • You may also like

Preset multi-channel campaigns :

Email, SMS & Browser notifications to the full audience OR to users most likely to be interested:

  • Abandoned Cart - 3 reminders with recommendations
  • Recommendations for people who viewed products - Day after viewing
  • Recommendations for people who wish listed products - Day after viewing
  • Up sell products based on recent purchase
  • Trending Products- once a week
  • New Arrivals- once a week
  • Top Sellers - once a week
  • Handpicked products based on a theme, season, category etc

Browser Notifications:

Re-target users without email ids, with a simple 1-time opt in mechanism, and send the same personalized campaigns or specific promotional campaigns. We automatically build personalized landing pages for every user, and support all the same set of campaigns that go on email.


Send the same personalized r campaigns or specific promotional campaigns to your store visitors by text messages. We automatically build personalized landing pages for every user, and support all the same set of campaigns that go on email.

Dynamic website popups

Custom popups for specific customers based on their behavior with coupons, or other messages right when they come in , on scroll of any page, or when they are about to leave.

Alerts with rich product and user Insights

Set up alerts to watch out for interesting product or user behavior so that you can respond with quick campaigns.

Our plans: SH-personalization: Full website personalization including widgets (all pages), personalized sorting (category page) and dynamic popups.

SH-All-in-one plan: A completely managed growth plan with multi-channel personalized re-targeting on emails, SMS, Browser notifications and Facebook posts, consulting + campaign management services to help you get the best of the app.

SH-Starter - All the web widgets without personalization (except Recently Viewed )

Integração com

  • google analytics,
  • sendgrid,
  • mailchimp,
  • mgage,
  • google adwords

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Preço Avaliação gratuita de 14 dias



ou $200/mês faturados em $2,400 uma vez por ano

0.5% of the revenue generated through YFret

  • Personalized Homepage Widgets
  • Personalized Category page sorting
  • Personalized Search
  • Personalized Product page widgets
  • Fully customized

All in one

Grátis para instalar

Free 50k widget clicks, 10k emails, 1k SMS & 10k Browser Notifications.

  • Website Personalization (95$/50k)
  • Real-time User Segments
  • Personalized Emails (10$/10k), SMS (20$/10k) & Browser Notifications (10$/10k)

* Todas as cobranças são faturadas em dólar norte-americano (USD). As cobranças recorrentes, inclusive as baseadas em uso ou mensais, são faturadas a cada 30 dias.

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Great App!! Easy to install simple to use and works on all devices.

Campaigns are super-easy to create and set up. The widgets are seamlessly integrated into my website and respond to my customer's choices in real time.

The best part is their customer service if you get stuck, they are always there you help you out!

Definitely, recommend to anyone with a Shopify store.