Product Options Variant Option

Product Options Variant Option


infinite options, color swatch, upload,custom product variant

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Infinite Option

20+ option types. Image cropped upload & preview. Conditional logic. Add inventory & sku & weight for custom options. Option templates.

Tiered Wholesale Pricing

More purchase, more discount. Use tiered wholesale pricing to upsell and increase sales.

Price Add-ons

Link related products as swatches and add additional prices to them. Support Onetime Fee Option.

Product Options Variant Option 정보

All Features Are Free To Try For 14 Days.

Use Infinite Options To

Easily add an unlimited number of product options to your items so you're not restricted by Shopify's limit of 3 options and 100 variants.Give your customers the best shopping experience with better usability and beautiful product options.

Price Add-ons & Onetime fee options

Add extra prices for all your custom options.Add Onetime fee options for custom options.Increase your store's average order size by using Price Add-ons & Onetime fee options.

Custom Option Types Supported

Drop Down & Multiple Select & Swatches(color&image) & Radio & Checkbox & Button & File Upload & Email & Phone & Date Pick & Color Pick & Description & Pop-up box.

Tiered Wholesale Pricing

More purchase, more discount. Use tiered wholesale pricing to upsell and increase sales.

Flexible option templates

Option templates can reduce the tedious operation of adding repeated options, improve efficiency, and make it easier to manage options.

We provide two types of using a template, Linked and UnLinked.

Linked: You products will be connected with the template. Once you changed the content of the template, your products will be updated at the same time.

Unlinked: You only use the content of the template for one time. Changing the template will not affect the product in the future.

Flexible Conditional Logic

Create rules that reveal or hide options based on previous selections made by your customer. E.g: Unless the Customize shirt move was made in the previous step, hide the file upload option that asks for their logo. Create rules that disabled or enable option values based on previous selections made by your customer(Can be used to limit inventory). E.g. When you choose the L size, the blue is forbidden to select(out of stock) .when you choose the M size, the blue can optional(in stock).

Image Cropping And Uploading

You can set a fixed cropping ratio and crop the image before uploading it.

Respond Quickly

When you encounter a problem, you can contact us. we will respond within 12 hours, and this is free.

Styling & Display Customization

The custom product options app helps you to change the customizable look & feel Remove of.

Our other apps

Ymq Multiple Variant Images:Show Images that are related to the selected variant. Makes your product page look professional.

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  • Unlimited Options
  • Conditional Logic
  • Option Template
  • Inventory Control
  • Price Add-ons
  • 20+ Option Types
  • Flexible style configuration



  • Everything In Pro
  • Sku
  • Weight
  • Onetime fee options
  • Minimum and maximum purchase quantity
  • Price Add-ons (Negative price)



  • Everything In Ultra
  • Tiered Wholesale Pricing



  • Plans are free for development stores or during your Shopify trial. You won't be charged until you upgrade Shopify to a paid account.

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KaWe Care & Comfort

Please do not waste your money on this app, it's awful. At first everything seemed fine and I was excited to use it. That was until a customer purchased a personalized option from me and I saw that this app does not merge option prices with prices for the product. This resulted in my customer paying one price for the product through the shopify product listing and another price for the ymq product options listing (they overpaid because of this app). I then emailed support and they told me there is nothing they can do about it. Please do not waste your money on this app.

개발자 회신

2021년 9월 19일


When your option has an additional price attached, all product options apps cannot merge the option price and product price together, because shopify's product price is not allowed to be modified during checkout, which is illegal.

Therefore, all product options apps need to split the option price into a new product (all prices are correct, and there will be no overcharging).

When you encounter a problem, we immediately contacted you and gave you a detailed explanation on the matter. It may be that our statement is not clear enough and you failed to understand our meaning correctly.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused to you, and we will make an explanation on the home page of the app, so that all customers who use our app can understand the implementation principle of our app and some unsolvable problems in advance, so as not to cause some problems for our customers .

I hope you can contact us after receiving the email, and we look forward to your reply!

Best wishes!

Ria Rain Designs

Ive been using this app for a while and while it is nice looking and easy to use, my entire store requires personalization for every product just about. Im not sure this app can handle that. What I'm noticing is that it begins to automatically add new products to existing product options without me adding them there and it creates a double option on the product page. I mark all options as required so it is confusing my customers. Ive removed them numerous times and it just adds them right back repeatedly. Ive tried breaking them down into multiple option sets to not "confuse" the app and it hasn't helped. I just added 2 new products and it has done it again. Im at the point of looking into other apps as this is just not working out.

개발자 회신

2021년 9월 18일

We are very sorry about this. We tried to contact you. We sent you emails using two different email addresses, but they were all bounced.

We have found a solution to this problem. Can you change the email address to give us a reply?

Looking forward to your reply.

Have not had time to test all the features of the APP yet, but so far so good. However, the speed and efficiency of support from this team is OUTSTANDING! They attended to two display anomolies with my theme so quickly, I could hardly believe it (within minutes). Well done.