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Yo - Display Recent Sales in Real Time

Yo - Display Recent Sales in Real Time

Developed by Yo

67 reviews
Price: $6.99 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Your visitors will see recent orders from real people in real-time, providing them with confidence to shop on your store
  • Create a sense of community and engagement on your site
  • Instantly increase your conversion rates with social proof! $$$

Instantly replicate the atmosphere of a busy retail store and give your visitors the motivation and social proof to BUY!



Yo beautifully displays recent orders on your site as little notifications and this accomplishes three powerful, conversion boosting benefits for your store:

1) Yo creates a busy and live atmosphere in your online store, much like the vibe you feel when you enter a busy retail store

2) Yo gives your store instant credibility and social proof from recent buyers, giving new potential customers the confidence to shop with you

3) The social proof and live atmosphere in your online store encourages more visitors to buy, resulting in increased conversion rates and revenue for you to continue growing your business and customer base!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't have many sales each day?

Yo is still perfect for your store, here is how it will work:

  • Time Stamp - Only recent orders will display a time stamp that says how long ago it was purchased. You have the flexibility to edit this so that only orders within the last 30 minutes, 1 hour, 5 hours, 12 hours or whatever you choose to display the time stamp

  • Keeping your store looking busy - You can set Yo to display orders from the past such from one or two weeks ago (you can edit this to whatever you like) to display, and orders within that period will display, just without the time stamp. This helps your store looking lively and busy with pop ups displaying regularly (and they're genuine orders)

  • Time between orders displaying - You can set how often orders will show up (once every 10 seconds, every 30 seconds, etc)

Example Scenario of a website

Example settings

  • Display an order every - 30 seconds

  • Only display the time stamp on orders within: The last 1 hour

  • Loop and display orders within the last 2 weeks.

With these settings, a potential customer visits your website and every 30 seconds they'll see a display showing orders that were purchased within the last two weeks (without the time stamp). Only orders made within the last 1 hour will show the time stamp that it was purchased - for example 35 minutes ago, or 45 minutes ago, or 1 hour ago, etc.

Designed with You in Mind

  • Take advantage of our super generous 14 day free trial to see if Yo is right for you

  • Simple and easy to install in seconds - zero coding required

  • Super light-weight so it doesn't slow down your site (or hurt your conversions and Google rankings)

  • Beautifully designed and optimized for all devices: Desktops, Tablets, Mobile

We're Flexible - Customize it Your Way

  • Customize your display message to show a first name, or keep it anonymous and write something like "Someone from Melbourne, Australia just purchased a T-Shirt"

  • Edit the notification design to match your store

  • Configure the timing of your notifications: set a delay before your notifications display and set the display duration.

  • Choose the placement of your notification so it doesn't conflict with anything else

  • Enable or disable the notifications on mobile

  • Hide notifications from specific pages on your site.

  • Hide specific products from displaying

  • Hide specific orders from displaying

    Click the green "GET" button at the top right corner of this page to get started right now! You have a full 14 days to try out Yo, so get off the fence and let's go!



    Yo - Display Recent Sales in Real Time reviews (67)


    There should be more stars for apps like this. Not only is it social proof (which, it is and it is freakin awesome!) but it's the app that brightens your day anytime you visit your own store.

    Imagine waking up in the morning and the first thing you hear is how great you are and a recap of all your amazing accomplishments. This is how Yo makes me feel. It's always: "hey guess what? You're fantastic!" And not with hollow praise, but with money and a recap of where that money came from.

    Yo makes me happy.

    And yes, as a bonus, it actually DOES increase your sales. If you're not using Yo you're leaving money on the table.

    —The SuperHero Co—


    I love this app. It is a great way to provide social proof to someone visiting my shop. My sales have been up in the last few weeks since I installed this.


    The app works great. It increases sales by providing confidence.




    Works well and exactly as described.


    My favorite app by far! We love this app, it generates customer confidence and has increased conversion rates by 50%! It's a must have app.

    Super easy to install and get up and running.. Your missing out, if you don't have this!


    Great app. Works well. Looks great. Easy to setup. https://www.kinkytoy.store


    Perfect little tool. Easy to install and adjust. Livens up the store.


    Works perfectly, a really nice social proofing tool to give customers confidence and also to trigger action.
    Super easy to chop and change custom settings of what's displayed, time, frequency etc

    Highly recommend

    If you want to see it in action check out our store:



    like the feel of a busy store. Easy to download

    $6.99 / month

    Spend 14 full days with Yo on your store for FREE and see the results for yourself. If you're not satisfied, simply uninstall before the 14 day trial is over and you won't be charged a single cent.

    14 days

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