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15 de septiembre de 2023

The app displays that it is safe to uninstall, but please take that with a grain of salt. After going through the theme's files, active Yoast code was found in the following sections*, even after deleting the app:

- password.liquid
- main-product.liquid
- header.liquid
- theme.liquid
- main-article.liquid
- meta-tags.liquid
- yoast-seo.liquid

* the code may be in even more areas than the ones above; perhaps Yoast can indicate where exactly its code is installed so anyone can double-check

It's extremely difficult and time-consumingto remove code from website/theme after deleting the app, leading to massively damaged SEO.

The problem we found: even after deleting Yoast, the code stays in your Theme file, and in our case was still active – pointing at empty data. It seems this app (Yoast) overrides the default Shopify theme code/settings when installed, then does not leave when Yoast is uninstalled. Web crawlers etc. are left reading empty values, which was destroying SEO results/data for the site.

If you have deleted Yoast and found worsened SEO results, make sure that it is not still running in your Theme's code. Contacting Yoast takes up to 24 hours for each response.

Overall, the app works, but after having tried multiple SEO apps, Yoast was the only one that overrode the theme's code and didn't amend the code when uninstalled.

Reino Unido
13 días usando la aplicación
Yoast respondió 17 de septiembre de 2023

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us, though we're sorry to read about the experience you had. We understand how troublesome this must have been, so please allow us to address your points and concerns.

Based on the details of your review, we understand that there is/was leftover code in your theme files after removing our app. This usually happens if the app is deleted without completing the two-step process (, which requires first deactivation of the app to remove our code from the theme, and then deletion of the app from the Shopify admin. Or if another (usually SEO-related) app interfered with the removal process.

Fortunately, there is no need for time-consuming manual code removal (which we can do for you if needed) in this case, as this can be easily fixed with a simple reinstallation and uninstallation process.

Here are the next troubleshooting steps to take:
1. Re-install the Yoast SEO app on your site.
2. Instead of "Get a subscription," click on "Remove theme modifications.". Please wait until the process is finished.
3. Click on Go back to Apps and then remove the app again.

Once this is done, the Yoast SEO code should be completely removed from your theme files, but you can always contact us for any clarifications or further assistance if needed.

Regarding our response times, our support team is always here to help, and though sometimes it may take a bit longer to respond, in most cases, our replies are sent within a few hours.

In all cases, we would like to see how we can help further on this matter, so our team will soon reach out via email.

Lastly, we'd like to clarify that we have not responded earlier to your review, as systemically, Shopify reviews are visible two days after being submitted.

21 de abril de 2023

Wirklich schlimm, wir hatten die App in der benutzung und jetzt wo wir ein Theme Update hatten, funktionierte nichts mehr. Also haben wir uns entschieden, die App ganz zu löschen. Pustekuchen, sie ist so extrem im Code, dass man alles neu machen könnte.

Más de 1 año usando la aplicación
Yoast respondió 22 de abril de 2023

Thank you for your feedback though we're sorry to read about the experience you are having.

We understand there was some sort of a conflict after a theme update that led you to decide to remove our app, but code was left behind. Leftover code usually remains if the app is uninstalled without completing the two-step process, which requires first deactivation of the app to remove theme modifications and then deletion of the app. Or if another (usually SEO-related) app interfered with the removal process.

This can be easily fixed with a simple reinstallation and uninstallation process (besides the following suggested steps, our support team will soon reach out to you via email in order to solve this as soon as possible). If you haven't already, please reference our page with Yoast SEO app uninstall instructions:

Here are the next troubleshooting steps to take:
1. Re-install the Yoast SEO app on your site.
2. Instead of "Get a subscription," click on "Remove theme modifications.". Please wait until the process is finished.
3. Click on Go back to Apps and then Remove the app again.

Once you've done this, the Yoast SEO code should be completely removed from your theme files.

In case you have another SEO app installed, it would be best to remove that first before proceeding with the steps above, as other SEO apps may interfere with the proper uninstallation process of Yoast SEO.

As aforementioned, in any case, our support team will soon reach out and provide any further assistance you may need to resolve this.


Vielen Dank für Ihr Feedback, obwohl es uns leid tut, von Ihren Erfahrungen zu lesen.

Uns ist bekannt, dass es nach einem Design-Update zu einem Konflikt gekommen ist, der dazu geführt hat, dass Sie sich entschieden haben, unsere App zu entfernen, aber Code zurückgelassen wurde. Restcode verbleibt normalerweise, wenn die App deinstalliert wird, ohne den zweistufigen Prozess abzuschließen, der zuerst die Deaktivierung der App erfordert, um Designänderungen zu entfernen, und dann die Löschung der App. Oder wenn eine andere (normalerweise SEO-bezogene) App den Entfernungsprozess stört.

Dies kann leicht durch einen einfachen Neuinstallations- und Deinstallationsprozess behoben werden (neben den folgenden vorgeschlagenen Schritten wird sich unser Support-Team in Kürze per E-Mail mit Ihnen in Verbindung setzen, um das Problem so schnell wie möglich zu lösen). Wenn Sie es noch nicht getan haben, verweisen Sie bitte auf unsere Seite mit Anweisungen zur Deinstallation der Yoast SEO-App:

Hier sind die nächsten Schritte zur Fehlerbehebung:
1. Installieren Sie die Yoast SEO-App erneut auf Ihrer Website.
2. Klicken Sie statt auf „Abonnement anfordern“ auf „Theme-Änderungen entfernen“. Bitte warten Sie, bis der Vorgang abgeschlossen ist.
3. Klicken Sie auf Zurück zu Apps und entfernen Sie die App erneut.

Sobald Sie dies getan haben, sollte der Yoast-SEO-Code vollständig aus Ihren Designdateien entfernt werden.

Falls Sie eine andere SEO-App installiert haben, ist es am besten, diese zuerst zu entfernen, bevor Sie mit den obigen Schritten fortfahren, da andere SEO-Apps den ordnungsgemäßen Deinstallationsprozess von Yoast SEO beeinträchtigen können.

Wie bereits erwähnt, wird sich unser Support-Team in jedem Fall bald mit Ihnen in Verbindung setzen und Ihnen weitere Hilfe leisten, die Sie möglicherweise zur Lösung dieses Problems benötigen.

27 de marzo de 2023

frenchement nul juste une escroquerie car le seo a etait essayer sur un autre site et le resultat n ai pas dutout ca

Le cadeau pas cher
1 día usando la aplicación
Yoast respondió 28 de marzo de 2023

Merci de nous avoir fait part de votre avis, nous sommes désolés d'apprendre votre désagréable expérience de ce produit.

Les produits Yoast SEO sont traduits en plus de 20 langues et reçoivent la confiance de millions d'utilisateurs sur différentes plateformes, c'est pourquoi nous ne comprenons pas ce qui a pu se passer exactement dans votre cas, ni quels sont les éléments qui ont occasionné cette mauvaise expérience.

Nous aimerions en savoir plus à ce propos et trouver comment résoudre la situation et vous aider en la matière. Pour cela, notre équipe prendra contact avec vous très bientôt pour en discuter de façon plus directe.

Nous sommes tout disposés à vous écouter et vous aider du mieux que nous puissions.


Thank you for submitting your feedback, though we are sorry to read about your experience.

Yoast SEO products support more than 20 languages and are trusted by millions of users across different platforms, so we are unsure what exactly happened in your case and what the results were that caused this experience for you.

We would like to know more about this and see how we can clarify and help with this matter. Therefore our team will reach out to you soon in order to discuss this in a more direct way.

We're looking forward to hearing from you and helping as best we can.

20 de marzo de 2022

Not Happy with this app at all and the cost just doesnt justify anything. I already am familar with SEO and thought this might help improve but instead of helpding boost SEO, it rather deranked my site position on google. It has nothing but just a bunch of knowledge book regarding SEO- which are freely available but they make it a point to charge free content. Seriously this is not worth the cost and they should just get out of shopify and stick with wordpress, it does more harm than good.
Alrededor de 2 meses usando la aplicación
Yoast respondió 20 de marzo de 2022

Thank you for your feedback; we are always on the look-out to see where we can improve. We are sorry to hear that the experience with our app was not what you expected.
When using Yoast SEO and you notice that it has an impact on your ranking in an unexpected way, please know that support is ready to look at the situation with you. We are more than happy to have a look and see where we can help you.

25 de febrero de 2022

Je connaissais l'outil sur Wordpress, j'ai donc voulu l'essayer sur shopify mais quand je l'ai désinstallé tous mes changements ont été supprimés. 14 jours à travailler le SEO pour rien grâce à YOAST ! Finalement c'est payer et garder son boulot ou supprimer et tout perdre... J'ai donc cherché ailleurs.

Avent Bébé | Cadeau de grossesse original
13 días usando la aplicación
Yoast respondió 25 de febrero de 2022

Thank you for your feedback and for giving our app a spin. Putting in the effort and then losing your work sucks, we feel you.

Fortunately, part of your work is still there; the product descriptions you have optimized through Yoast SEO have been copied to Shopify and remain even after uninstalling the app.

That being said; we will take your feedback to heart to improve our communication.


Traduit par DeepL
Merci pour vos commentaires et pour avoir essayé notre application. Faire des efforts et perdre ensuite votre travail, ça craint, nous vous comprenons.

Heureusement, une partie de votre travail est toujours là ; les descriptions de produits que vous avez optimisées grâce à Yoast SEO ont été copiées sur Shopify et restent même après avoir désinstallé l'application.

Ceci étant dit, nous prendrons vos commentaires à cœur afin d'améliorer notre communication.

Fecha de modificación: 4 de marzo de 2022

TOAST! That's what this app should be called — because that's what it will do to your site — turn it into TOAST. After loading this bug filled destructive app to our site we started getting ERROR messages from Google (which never happened before). This poorly constructed app wrecked our SEO Schema. But wait it gets worse... Look under the hood. The Yoast app fills your site with asset after asset — which will slow your site down. To remove Yoast, you will need to surgically remove multiple assets from your site code to restore your site to a pre-Yoast condition. Avoid this app at all costs if you care about your SEO and/or your website. This app is NOT ready to be released on Shopify. RESPONSE TO THE DEVELOPER'S REPLY BELOW: Thank you for reaching out. Sadly though, this is a case of a company trying to varnish over a flawed product. This app is terrible / from the way it handles meta description editing, to the way it messes up SEO schema, to the glut of code rubbish it injects into the site... This app is simply not a stable or suitable product for Shopify sites. And based on the ratio of low ratings on the Shopify App store, I'm obviously not the only one who feels this way.
Estados Unidos
3 días usando la aplicación
Yoast respondió 3 de marzo de 2022

Thank you for reaching out and your feedback. We are sorry to read that you are having this experience. In our latest release, we have changed the way theme modifications are being handled after an uninstall as we were aware of these causing problems for some of our customers.

Currently, when uninstalling our app, theme modifications will be disabled. Since not all of the code will be removed, there are instructions on how to clean up after an uninstall ( In this case; since you are still in the trial period, if you install the app you can press the 'deactivate Yoast SEO' found in 'settings' to help to disable the theme modifications for you.

About the errors you are experiencing, we will reach out to you by mail to help us clarify what you are experiencing and see if we are able to help you out.

9 de febrero de 2022

When an app is uninstalled it should revert the site back to its original state without any effort by the user. We have now spent a few hours cleaning up the mess that was left. Modified files are left for you in their modified state. The backed up files are there, however you will have to spend plenty of time reverting the original file back to its original state.

Estados Unidos
30 minutos usando la aplicación
Yoast respondió 9 de febrero de 2022

We're sorry to hear about your experience and we understand how unnecessarily time-consuming this has been for you. We thank you for sharing your feedback with us and know how important it is to get everything back the way it was. We're going to look into ways of improving this.

For others reading along, we have a button in our app that automatically removes all theme modifications (see If you've already deleted our app, there are also manual instructions on how to remove them. Sadly, this is not something we can automatically do after deleting our app but we're looking into improving this as best we can.

25 de enero de 2022

A much awaited app that - sadly - overwrites ALL your manual SEO work automatically without leaving you any manual control. You can't leverage your hand-written efforts (title/metadescription), because the app override everything with its structure. You don't even get questions on what to overwrite and when, it just "handles" it. Probably good if you have no manual SEO efforts, but pointless if you want to automate some and have a hands on approach on some. The other benefits of the app was not tested (schema etc) simply because the app was deleted instantly when realizing there are no manual control (or even a warning the automation overwrite everything). Only upside is that you can revert all automation with a button and luckily, get your manual work back.
34 minutos usando la aplicación
Yoast respondió 26 de enero de 2022

Update 27th January, 2022: we just released a fix that should no longer overwrite your already set SEO titles and descriptions. We're also looking into improving the first installation (welcome wizard), giving you more information and control over what our app can do.

Original response: I'm sorry to hear about your experience with our app, that shouldn't have happened. We really appreciate you took the time to share your experience with us! I've forwarded the feedback you gave and our team is already investigating ways how we can improve the app!

Valuable information to note: By removing our snippet templates (Apps -> Yoast SEO -> Settings -> Content Settings -> Products) you can get your old titles and descriptions back for now. Plus our support team is ready to help out as well!