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Call store customers from your free Yobi business phone number

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Quick Contacts Syncing

Yobi for Shopify takes less than 5 minutes to configure and helps you build out your Shopify store by improving customer conversations.

All Conversations In One Place

Sync contacts from your Shopify store, listen to call recordings with customers to review important calls all in one app.

Collaborate With Your Team

Share your Yobi business phone number with your team and never miss a message or call from customers.

Om Yobi

Yobi, The Conversation App For Everyday Rockstars

With Yobi, taking control of your calls, texts, and social media messages has never been this easy.

Yobi is your business phone app that you share with your team so you never again miss important texts, calls, or direct messages from your social media accounts. By having a second phone number for your business, you don’t need to worry about missed opportunities.


You and your team can access all customer information in one app, making it easier for you to respond to customers, leads, and followers at any convenient time and place. Once you’re logged in, you can look back at past conversations and listen to call recordings of important business calls.


Logging into different business and social media platforms can be messy. With Yobi you will be more organized and in control because we’ve made communication simpler for you. Once you integrate your social media and add your team, you’re ready to be a rockstar! Respond to Twitter followers, quickly answer Facebook Messenger customer issues, sync contacts from your Shopify store, listen to call recordings to review important calls all in one app.


Running a business can be very demanding and sometimes you want to respond to customers yourself for that personal touch. By being up to date with communications on your one business phone, Yobi helps strengthen your brand.


As a second business phone number, you can share your Yobi number to your team so you’ll never again miss important calls, texts, or DMs from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or even your Shopify store.

Connect your Yobi number to Hubspot and sync your customer conversations. Connect your Yobi number to Salesforce and sync your leads and client conversations. Connect Yobi to your Shopify store and sync your customer list as contacts to respond to calls and messages from customers anytime, from anywhere in one app.

Be an everyday rockstar with one conversation app on your hand.

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