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10 czerwiec 2024

I'm really liking Yotpo and really like that the prices are based on usage rather than number of customers (number of customers pricing going up with time even if your revenue stays the same because your customer count grows every month even when leveled out). The email template editor seems a bit buggy but I got though it all. I had some wonderful help from Princess and JoAnn! Very knowledgeable and made sure my issues were dealt with. With features like flow, Yotpo has a learning curve, but not too bad. Its VERY customizable.

Whoopsie Daisy
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8 maj 2024

So far, SMS Bump is super rad! Customer service is great! They were incredibly responsive and helpful with any questions I had, especially John D. The platform itself is intuitive and user-friendly, making it a breeze to set up and manage SMS campaigns. I've been impressed with the results so far; the open rates are fantastic, and it's clear that our customers appreciate the personalized touch of SMS messages. Overall, I couldn't be happier with SMS Bump - it's definitely become an integral part of our marketing strategy.

Thank God
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7 czerwiec 2024

I love this app! Utilizing the SMS messaging has been a really great marketing tool for my retail shop. I love that you can attach pictures and your shop link as well. Customer service was helpful and quick to respond (thank you Joann C). Would highly recommend this app to other Shopify users for their marketing needs!

Sage Lane Cottage
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23 maj 2024

I love this app! Very easy to use and if you need help with anything the support team responds very quickly and stays connected until your issue is resolved. I worked with Rock today on a issue and it was a pleasure! He worked with until we got it working

Pray. Hustle. Dominate
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5 czerwiec 2024

I love the easy setup! John D was extremely helpful and quick when requesting an API key. I have tried other review apps in the past that were impossible to set up. I highly recommend SMS Bump!

Michelle's Creatives
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21 kwiecień 2024

Very responsive support. I had a problem sending SMS messages. I contacted support. Marnie quickly understood what was going on and told me what to do to validate my account.
In a few minutes the problem was resolved.
Thanks Marnie

My Best Store
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3 czerwiec 2024

If I could put 0 stars, I would.

Extremely disappointed in the customer service of this company. I had been using a variety of Yotpo apps for years now, and had switched over my SMS service to Mailchimp as of the holidays 2023. My last use of Yotpo's SMS app was Black Friday 2023.

Randomly, on a Sunday evening, on May 12th 2024, my Yotpo account says it sent out a random "automation" to all of my SMS subscribers without my consent. I had never sent up any type of automation, and even after checking my account, could not identify what was "setup" or "sent". What I did notice though is that I was had SIX $20 recharges made to send these mysterious texts. (BTW, my own phone number is one of the numbers within the list and I hadn't received any text from this "campaign".)

When I reached out to Yotpo to ask for assistance and a refund for this unauthorized charges, they simply blamed the fact that my auto-recharge option was still on, and so despite me not ever creating this "campaign" and them being unable to even figure out on their end how it was created or by who, I am still responsible for paying these recharges for an automation "sent" in error. But again, as I have said above. I never received a text from this campaign, and others who I know personally that also had a phone number on our list didn't either.

I am out $120 for a campaign I never set up, a campaign that Yotpo cannot figure out how was setup, and a campaign that I am not even convinced truly sent to anyone at all.

And Yotpo refuses to refund me.

Despite my years of loyalty and despite no proof showing that this wasn't an error on their systems part.

If I were you, I would run.

Find a different app with a company who cares about their customers and stands behind making their own flaws corrected.

Candelles LLC
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2 czerwiec 2024

customer service is fantastic, John D was able to help me out so fast with any issues that needed resolving for my website to provide SMS messaging, thank you John!

Just A Touch Hair Co.
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14 kwiecień 2024

We've used Yotpo for a few years now and our experience has been great. Recently we contacted their customer service for assistance with a question, within minutes I was speaking on live chat with Marnie who was very helpful and was able to resolve my issue much faster than I was expecting. Highly recommended!

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28 kwiecień 2024

Been using this app for a while now, always get good and fast support from the team. I needed some help today with the widget and PL solved it within 15 mins. Highly recommend this team

Mega Lash Academy
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