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22 kwiecień 2024

I have enjoyed using the app; timing, templates, automations have all worked great for me in the past. I recently had an issue where my TFN required a verification and it prevented me from sending communications...that was an inconvenience as there are only certain times when support is available so I had to wait for assistance but John was very friendly and helped move the process along and answered all of my questions. Thanks, John!

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22 kwiecień 2024

all good ... Specially, Melvin tried everything possible to fix my issue because SMS campaign failed and I needed it fast reaction on Yotpo side thank you
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26 maj 2024

PL was super helpful in getting my site authenticated and was quite responsive. Would recommend.

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10 maj 2024

A bit skeptical because we haven't used this app in a while yet prices keep fluctuating. There was a s lightly issue before where they overcharged us for something. We have moved to another strong competitor

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17 kwiecień 2024

I am new to Yotpo, and PL was a lot of help with assisting me through the verification process. I am hoping the app is as easy to use as the process was. Looking forward to increasing my conversion rates.

Graffiti Garb
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27 kwiecień 2024

Generally a good all round service with excellent and prompt customer support. My only criticism would be the account validation process of which I didn't receive clear instruction on how to complete other than chatting to a member of customer service. I was also unaware that my account needed validating. It was only when my customers stopped receiving subscription emails that I found out.
Other than this, generally an easy to use service.

Wielka Brytania
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Edytowano 10 maj 2024

Staff are super helpful, especially Melvin and Joann. The platform is good, but the dashboard is super complicated and not user friendly, plus the form builders don't work well in Chrome on the desktop due to a bug, so it's impossible to access any options further down the screen. Switching over to Edge solved the issue.

Lilia Nash Jewellery
Wielka Brytania
20 dni korzystania z aplikacji
22 kwiecień 2024

My experience with Yotpo has been great. The agent who assisted me, Quin, was a huge help in guiding me through the process!

Nush's Gourmet Dips
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5 kwiecień 2024

Melvin helped me with a questioni had in a friendly and good way. i hope i can talk to him again once im able to go live on my website.

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21 luty 2024

I would recommend this app because it does the pre-game work for you and it's a wonderful tool for any business to get ahead. I worked with a rep, John D, and he was able to help me by answering my questions and providing with information needed to assist in resolving my technical issues. Now I am email to send my customize emails to my customers without hassle. Thank you John D!!


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