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Blakes Auto Parts

BEWARE! I don't usually leave such bad reviews but yotpo deserves it. I added yotpo reviews to my store just after I started my store 1 year ago. Since then, I've had thousands of product reviews added through Yotpo! Great right? No.

I'll admit, I like that yotpo emails my customers automatically after 14 days, requesting their product review which then goes live on my product pages.

My BIGGEST issue is that yotpo's reviews do not show in google (rich snippets).

Rich snippets are important to show potential customers in google search, google shopping etc. a product's star rating and number of customer reviews. To get access to rich snippets with yotpo, you're asked to sign up for their 'pro plan'.

Their pro plan is $4,788 per year. I just want rich snippets! I've asked if they can just add rich snippets, but they don't offer 'a la carte pricing'. Pretentious much?

Guess what? Shopify's original review app offers rich snippets. There are also 3rd party apps that work with Shopify's review app that email your customers automatically after 14 days, asking for their review. This review is then added to Shopify's original review app and shown live on your store.

That's great news, right? I'll just export my yotpo reviews and import them into Shopify's reviews app. Who needs yotpo? Well NOPE! Despite being told yotpo's reviews will upload to Shopify's original reviews app without trouble, yotpo's CSV format is completely different to Shopify's.

This leaves me stuck with using crappy yotpo without rich snippets. Don't make my mistake - stick with Shopify's original review app.



Writing a review to warn other store owners. Please look for alternatives prior to installing this app.

We used Yotpo for years, but their pricing keeps going up, customer service is extremely slow and most of the features that you actually need will cost you hundreds, if not thousands a year.

I get it that their business model is for large stores (Shopify Plus customers), but thats not where it started and the costs of running it is prohibitive for most business. Since when having a review system should cost you MORE than what you pay Shopify itself? As another review highlighted, you could hire a full-time freelancer for the kind of plans they have. Thanks but no thanks.


I have never left a single review on any of our shopify apps, but with Yotpo, I'm really inclined to do so because of their practices. I would NOT recommend this app to any business owners who truly values their TIME and MONEY! I think this company is very out of touch with small businesses and their lack of transparency is a serious concern. This is the only app we have ever countered that almost forces you to get on a sales call before you can even see their prices. Its not just about their outrageous price, its also about principle. Why would anyone want to do business with a company that does not see the value in transparency in 2016. They are more focused on marketing and selling you their product as opposed to actually focusing on the service. Luckily, through another reviewer with similar experience we were able to find Judge.me - this app literally has pretty much the same features as yotpo and you can customize everything.

As a small business owner I highly recommend other Shopify store owners to DO YOUR RESEARCH before committing to any app. After comparing yotpo with judge.me I figured for what we would be paying at yotpo, I could simply hire a full-time freelancer. The time that is spent going in circles with them is simply not worth it for us.

I am guilty of being one of those people who ignored all their bad reviews and signed up with them anyways thinking at least maybe we will get what we pay for. Higher price in this case does not = to higher quality, better service etc, it just means higher price, more stress, time wasted...

Hopefully yotpo can consider listening to their customers and implementing some changes that reflects more attention and care for small businesses. In the meantime, we are going to be moving to another app that seems to be doing just that.


Just left them for Shopify's own Product Review product. Yotpo is fine if everything is working, but their support is shocking with a 7 day gap between each email on a support item. After 3mths of use, not a single review other than the 5 that were manually added on day 1, absolutely nothing from support even though I tried. I have given up. I would not recommend this to anyone.

Filigree Fragrance

Once you install the app, it pulls your orders and emails are sent out. This is a problem as Yotpo does not check for marketing options. This information would have been good to know before I installed the app to see how it would look on my site, and then uninstalled it when I realized its appearance would need to be adjusted to match my website design. In less than fifteen minutes, the damage was done and my entire customer database was sent emails by Yotpo. Customers are *still* receiving emails and I've emailed Yotpo telling them to immediately stop sending. No response. My request to cancel my account was received with a canned 'please let us know your feedback' reply.

I would not recommend using this service until Yotpo:
* check that only customers who are okay with marketing receive the email
* ask the Shopify owner if it is okay to send emails to past customers, or at least revisit its workflow and make improvements


Terrible service! We used the app for our old site but since redesigning we have had issues implementing. After numerous emails asking for assistance we have received nothing back from them. We still receive the promotional emails though...

Stick with Shopify Product Reviews - Effortless!

Jeweled Secrets

So tired of Yotpo. Support is almost non-existent. Wait a week for Yotpo to respond to any support request, then get a reply that is completely irrelevant. Yet if I want to upgrade to one of their ridiculously expensive plans, I'll be contacted within an hour.

Mika Yoga Wear

very $$$$$ (5k year!!!).... no customer service..... other apps are coming up now. they do contracts... crazy world of yotpo! they are there for the money nothing else.

One Fur All

I used the app with Magento and liked it. Trying to use it with Shopify, but can't get any customer support. Submit a ticket, wait up to a week only for them to respond with the same answer (click this article for help) over and over.

I don't think they have anyone doing real tech support, just someone checking e-mail from time to time to copy and past "standard responses."

Support was good when I used with Magento but now seems to not exist...very disappointing.

Buddhapants 2

Way expensive if you want to see real SEO or google results. The "publish to website button" its difficult to use.

The plans beyond basic absolutely ridiculously priced!!!