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173 reviews
February 9, 2017

Far too limiting and way to expensive for an upgrade

Scrubs Bubbles
Time spent using app: About 1 year
February 2, 2017

great idea. horrible service,
if you have tried them out even after you will remove their app from shopify they will send information/emails to your costumers without asking you, - no place on Yotpo to delete account and 7 messages in 4 driftnet channels, -phone, email ,ticket and masanger, are not answered after 48 hours and counting.

unheard of this kind of service - better of with a less smarter system but normal service.

We have filed a compliant with shopify as well.

Design Alley
United States
Time spent using app: 2 days
January 1, 2017

Be careful when installing this stupid app. They automatically sent an email to every single customer of mine without even asking for an approval.

Extremely stupid automated feature. Instantly uninstalled this. My better recommendation would be Stamped.io , known as Product Reviews Addon in the app store.

They don't even reveal their pricing on the website. Blatantly slow customer service as well.

Time spent using app: 2 days
Edited December 13, 2016

Not recommended due to

MAJOR Technical problems:

1. Adds 61kB of javascript to your page (2x the entire jQuery Library).
2. Adds 23kB of CSS to your page. An advanced Shopify Theme has 9kB of CSS.
3. That's 84kB of added weight to your page just to show reviews.

It will lower your Google PageSpeed Rank substantially, at least 5 points.

4. You cannot import your shopify reviews easily. Shopify's review app (and other review apps) associate reviews by product_handle. Yotpo does it by "Product ID", and you have to manually find the Product ID for each handle. (https://support.yotpo.com/en/article/shopify-finding-the-product-id)

5. Because all other shopify review apps use product_handle, you'll have to reverse the process and find the handle for each Product ID if you want your reviews imported into another app.

There are other alternatives that are 100% compatible between each other and only add 14kB to your page in total.

as if these were not enough...

MAJOR deal breaker: Pricing.

There's a reason why they don't list their prices publicly: basic features will cost you over $1000/year. If you want all they advertise, it'll easily go over $3000/year.

Time spent using app: 36 minutes
December 2, 2016

This app is ok but the service sucks!! It crashed I been waiting two weeks for help know one ever helped me and I'm paying for the app

The House Of Bundles
United States
Time spent using app: Almost 4 years
November 24, 2016

The app works fine, but the tiering model is terrible. If you upgrade from the free, it's just not affordable for a small business order. Additionally, their support staff is incompetent, nasty and very aggressive. They still call me once a week to upgrade, without even answering my support questions. Some of these support issues are weeks old lol. I still have a few inquiries out that have been completely ignored. I do not recommend this app!

Lolas Pet Boutique
United States
Time spent using app: 6 months
Edited October 27, 2016

Support is none existent. I wrote about 4 messages but gotten no response. App deleted.

Happylaulea 2
United States
Time spent using app: 22 days
October 14, 2016

App is limiting, and interface is complicated. Their support team is non-existent. Avoid at all costs, it'll take even more time when you have to switch to a different review app like me.

Red Beard Sailing
United States
Time spent using app: 2 months
October 13, 2016

The app would be great if it worked and if support assisted in getting it to work, ive spent the last month trying to get through yotpo support and no luck

Akan Organics
South Africa
Time spent using app: 28 days
Edited October 11, 2016

BEWARE! I don't usually leave such bad reviews but yotpo deserves it. I added yotpo reviews to my store just after I started my store 1 year ago. Since then, I've had thousands of product reviews added through Yotpo! Great right? No.

I'll admit, I like that yotpo emails my customers automatically after 14 days, requesting their product review which then goes live on my product pages.

My BIGGEST issue is that yotpo's reviews do not show in google (rich snippets).

Rich snippets are important to show potential customers in google search, google shopping etc. a product's star rating and number of customer reviews. To get access to rich snippets with yotpo, you're asked to sign up for their 'pro plan'.

Their pro plan is $4,788 per year. I just want rich snippets! I've asked if they can just add rich snippets, but they don't offer 'a la carte pricing'. Pretentious much?

Guess what? Shopify's original review app offers rich snippets. There are also 3rd party apps that work with Shopify's review app that email your customers automatically after 14 days, asking for their review. This review is then added to Shopify's original review app and shown live on your store.

That's great news, right? I'll just export my yotpo reviews and import them into Shopify's reviews app. Who needs yotpo? Well NOPE! Despite being told yotpo's reviews will upload to Shopify's original reviews app without trouble, yotpo's CSV format is completely different to Shopify's.

This leaves me stuck with using crappy yotpo without rich snippets. Don't make my mistake - stick with Shopify's original review app.


Blakes Auto Parts
United States
Time spent using app: Over 2 years