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Handee Bra

There is no chat support, the interface is really unfriendly, i can;t figure out how to change my email message to customers from the panel. This is a great app for what it does but it is very hard to use for some one like me who is a beginner.


Nice but wayyyyyyyyyyyy to expansive. Not worth it. others offer it for free.


Where is the switch to classic? I cannot find the widget code anymore.


This app used to be great. I was using it for several years and very happy with it but recently they changed their pricing structure so that the most basic plan starts at $399 per month. This prices out all small and many medium sized businesses. Also when I had a tech problem, it took them OVER A YEAR to solve the problem, just in time for them to raise their prices beyond what is affordable for my business.

Thanks to other reviews on this thread I just discovered Judge.me. It's an awesome app with all of the functionality of Yotpo and more for only $15 per month and their team responds immediately!


pricing is not clear. i can't count on this app. performance also very slow.

Big Balls Collective

This could be really good however there is no middle ground between the free app which is incredibly limited to the pro and power house levels which are crazily expensive - between $399 and $800 per month. I also have received about 10 emails from Yotpo all saying the same thing which I don't quite get? Their pricing structure is all wrong. I would have genuinely bought this product if it had a better introductory offer to see how some of the pro features work. Not sure how anyone can see the benefits of this app when you can't get to try them out on even a trial or reduced fee basis. The free version of the app is also now not accessible from my shopify website and the password reset function doesn't work. If you want to charge this amount of money for something you need to get the basics right! Not that impressed i'm affraid.


Mixed reviews about YOTPO, But be careful and read this before you install it in your system.

When I started out with Yotpo I was very happy with the free app. Since I have been with them for 3 years. Over the last 3 years the free version is getting smaller and smaller. I have nearly 100 reviews on the system, so I wanted to keep with them on the site.

Recently I spoke to the sales guys about using the services and upgrading, but this is the catch, if you're a customer that has been using this system for a while you I am not paying $5000 per year for the service.

It now looks like we will lose our feedback which we have built up because of the pricing of yotpo.

Not sure how they can justify this price, personally I think they live on another planet.

Metal Marvels

What should be included in a basic plan isn't... I emailed in because there was an issue and was told that the plan I was on ($30) a month was going away and it was going to $399 a month!!! Who in their right mind would pay $399 a month for things you can get with other review apps for under $40 a month ????? They take FOREVER to respond to support requests. I'm really still unsure why their reviews are so high..... OH and they hide prices on their site now so you have to give them your info to find out it's ridiculously expensive.. No thank you.


We use Yotpo, and pay the (very, very expensive rate) for their Powerhouse Plus plan.

Here's the most important thing you need to know: they don't actually support inline SEO with Shopify. It's one of the biggest features of the Powerhouse Plus plan offers on their website, and there's no mention of it not working with Shopify. It wouldn't even be that hard to implement - they'd just need to tap in via the Shopify API and put the review data in a metafield, then have some code to render it in the product.liquid template, then have that block replaced when their javascript code renders the full review functionality.

Their customer service people are well-intentioned, but the corporate/billing department is difficult and apparently don't particularly care about making customers happy. For example, they refused to move our billing back by a week even though they enabled our Powerhouse Plus account on the wrong email address initially.

Their dashboard and website also looks like it was designed in the early 2000s. For a product that costs so much, it's kind of disappointing. Apparently there is a redesign in the works.

The sales guy who we worked with was overly pushy and didn't seem interested in answering my technical questions very thoroughly.

But here's the upside: at the moment they're the only service that offers Product Listing Ads and Seller Ratings, as well as a Q&A feature. So I gave them two stars for that. Until someone else brings out a competitive product, they have a de facto monopoly on the space, so I can't really complain too much.

I'll update this review if any of this changes.

Wise Condensation Shop

Really annoying how I can't find installation instructions anywhere