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Glacier Nutrition

Literally the only app that doesn't disclose pricing. Support takes about a month to respond as well.

Create R4u

Horrible customer service, horrible response, they blocked me from all social pages, they charged me after I cancelled the account, I had to call and cancel again and they promised it was cancelled and acted like I was the moron. I'm still getting emails saying I'm going to get charged overages etc because I've exceeded my limit. HELLO I CANCELLED MY F@#$%$# ACCT and uninstalled the stupid app. You Morons get your ASDFASDGASDF$TW$RT together!!!! YOUR APP SUCKS YOU WANT $300 A MONTH TO DO WHAT Product Reviews by Shopry will do and do BETTER for just $30. Do not use this app. use Shopify Reviews and then install SHOPRY Product Reviews Addon App. It's $30 instead of $300, they have great customer service unlike these jerks and they have more robust features. YOU SUCK YOTPO YOU FREAKIN SUCK!!!

Black Pearl Candle Co

Not happy. While using Yotpo for free before they changed how their app works, I collected 6 reviews. But, that's all the app could do. Collect reviews and nothing else. If you want everything else, it's something like $300 per month. Disappointing. I wanted to learn more about their pricing structure, but instead, they want me to talk to some random guy over the phone to talk to me about how Yotpo can benefit my shop. Well, of course it would benefit my shop. It's just TOO EXPENSIVE. Make the pricing structure public for crying out loud.


Very disappointed in the price structure - $4000 a year for small business is just not doable.

Stone Bull Fight Club

Great app. Only complaint is that it costs way too much to do things that should be basic functionality such as Q&A and commenting.

EDIT: Changing our review from 3 to 1 star. Yotpo's service has decreased dramatically.

They told us we could upgrade to a $49/mo. plan to enable commenting on reviews. What they didn't tell us was that this would cap our MAPS at 150/month.

Also, customer service is extremely slow and they've outsourced it so that you only get emails at 1AM and have to wait 24 hours to get a response.

Very disappointed considering we've been using this app for over a year now and this is how we are treated.

We will probably uninstall soon and move to a better competitor.


What happened to you YOPTO - it was the best app ever with the best support ever. We were a founding client and were involved heavily in testing and beta.
It work great for a while - they pricing was introduced and support disappeared . We have attempted to upgrade our account a few times to the fully paid option, however no one has come back to us here at www.tiesncuffs.com.au
MOVING TO JUDGE.ME app - $15 USD a month and does everything YOTPO does and saves me around $900 a month


After uninstalling the app, the very next day it sent an email to a customer whose item is en route still. What?


After installing this app it immediately goes live, sending out an email to my customers without my permission. This is a huge NO-NO and immediate reason to uninstall it.

Beach Babe Swimwear

Wouldn't recommend to anyone! Over priced and now my widget isn't even working and no one is fixing it.
I could se maybe paying $100 a month NOT BILLED annually but $699 is absurd!


Previously, this was our go-to app for reviews. Overtime features have become more and more costly. Their free plan is basically useless.

It was a wonderful app with amazing features but it seems greed took over. One time I can say positive is that their support has always been top-notch.