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Yotpo Reviews

Yotpo Reviews

Developed by Yotpo

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  • Increase sales by generating 9x more site & product reviews with Yotpo’s signature in-mail review form
  • Boost your customers' trust and increase conversion rate with tons of verified reviews & customer photos
  • Plug & play with Shopify - Easy to use and setup takes only 3 minutes!

Yotpo has more 5 star reviews than any other review app in the Shopify App Store. That’s because Yotpo is a whole lot more than a reviews platform, it’s a user-generated content engine for growth.

A few of our Shopify client case studies include MVMT, Pura Vida, and Beardbrand.

Join the 150,000+ stores using Yotpo today. Here's what you get with the free version:

Generate More Product Reviews

Yotpo’s signature in-mail form lets buyers leave reviews from within the body of review requests emails. As a result, Yotpo users typically generate 9x more product reviews & site reviews than generated with other reviews solutions.

Increase Conversion Rate

Check out the video above. Pura Vida bracelets improved sales by establishing trust and you can too. Yotpo users typically experience a 2.5x lift in conversion rate when using our customizable widgets on product pages.

Optimize For Mobile

All Yotpo’s features are made with mobile in mind. When we send a review request, mobile users can leave reviews without ever leaving their email app. Mobile users arriving from a Yotpo click spend 37% more time on site than other users.

Love the free version and want to take your business to the next level?
Try Yotpo's premium packages:

  • Social Curation [NEW] - Social curation makes it easy for you to get more traffic and sales by turning your customers’ Instagram photos into your brand’s best marketing assets.

  • User-Generated Photos - Collect and showcase customer photos and embrace a well-rounded approach to visual marketing.

  • Full Social Integration - You and your customers can share 5 star reviews on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

  • SEO Success - We offer Rich Snippets, Google Seller Ratings and Product Listing Ads, which all dramatically increase click-through rate from Google.

  • Community Q&A - Answer customer questions directly on the product page, or automatically send questions to past buyers to let them answer.

  • Product Recommendations - Choose products to promote and upsell to likely buyers to increase customer lifetime value.

  • Yotpo Ads - Turn reviews into paid ads on Facebook & Instagram. Ads with reviews decrease CPA by 50% and increase CTR by 300%.

  • Coupons - Offer your shoppers coupons for writing and sharing reviews to increase purchase to review conversion rate.

  • Comments - Respond to your reviews, publicly or privately, to say thanks or resolve issues.

  • And so much more!

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  • Yotpo Reviews reviews (938)


    I used the app with Magento and liked it. Trying to use it with Shopify, but can't get any customer support. Submit a ticket, wait up to a week only for them to respond with the same answer (click this article for help) over and over.

    I don't think they have anyone doing real tech support, just someone checking e-mail from time to time to copy and past "standard responses."

    Support was good when I used with Magento but now seems to not exist...very disappointing.


    Love this app! They get us true results! Easy to us for the most part. Although we don't like the "publish to website button" its difficult to use. Also we find the plans beyond basic absolutely ridiculously priced.


    YotPo is the total package when it comes to Shopify Apps. The functionality of the app is very easy for customers to use and to manage on the back end. Every time I have needed a tweak to the app, the support team is very quick to take action. Reviews are such an important part of a customer's decision making process. The review service from YotPo is by far the best review app on Shopify.


    Great app. Only complaint is that it costs way too much to do things that should be basic functionality such as Q&A and commenting.

    EDIT: Changing our review from 3 to 1 star. Yotpo's service has decreased dramatically.

    They told us we could upgrade to a $49/mo. plan to enable commenting on reviews. What they didn't tell us was that this would cap our MAPS at 150/month.

    Also, customer service is extremely slow and they've outsourced it so that you only get emails at 1AM and have to wait 24 hours to get a response.

    Very disappointed considering we've been using this app for over a year now and this is how we are treated.

    We will probably uninstall soon and move to a better competitor.


    This app helped us create a steady stream of revenue from our customers, encouraging them to buy more, and offering them discounts for their reviews.


    This app is helping us build the trust in our website. Only have the free version but I like the idea of sharing the reviews on social media.


    Free plan is convenient way to gather some reviews but beyond 50 reviews you'll be looking at absurd pricing (min $5K annually) with no way to trial the premium features. They may be great but I'll never find out since there is no trial.

    Primary beefs

    - Annoying that prices aren;t stated on an available page, you are forced to take a sales call
    - Prices are presented as monthly, but since they only bill annually, I perceive it as a smokescreen to real pricing.
    - No trial - If the product is so great, why do I have to spend nearly $5,000 ($399 monthly X 12) to “test” ROI?
    - the free version does not do anything I can't do with competeing low cost software, so I would suggest you start with something else rather than switching when you hit 50 reviews


    I've been using Yotpo for a few years now and I must say I am very pleased with the service. With online business popping up everyday Yotpo keeps your business relevant within the clients eyes with real verified reviews. Thank you!


    Been using Yotpo for a few months and upgraded to premium because of the features we wanted. Have to say the customer support was also premium as well, they installed rich snippets for me when I got totally stuck and was thinking I would have to pay someone to get it done. Really first class, with a business like ours we rely very much on our reviews in getting new site visitors to purchase and Yotpo most definitely does that. The ability to post a review direct from the email is a killer feature. Get it!

    Edited. Aug 2016.I was on the $30 monthly plan (now $399!!!!) and I uninstalled it despite the warnings that my plan was no longer available. Why would I do that you may ask ? Simple, I wanted the benefits of inline SEO where the reviews themselves are in html not Javascript and can appear in organic Google search results.Very useful for keywords, that would have meant me forking out, wait for it, $499! May even have gone up now, can't tell as they no longer have open pricing. I looked around and there are new kids on the block that were not around when I went with Yotpo. I am now with Judge Me, $15 monthly with everything that I wanted and customer service that is simply awesome, it rivals Yotpo with it's features and will no doubt outpace it the way theydevelop it.

    As others have mentioned I think the Yotpo pricing now puts it out of reach of all but the biggest stores. Even then I am left wondering why anyone in their right mind would want to shell out that sort of cash for a product that offers little, if any, benefit of it's far cheaper competitors.


    We have used Yotpo since we opened on Shopify, it has proven to be a great app with excellent customer response engagement and an easy dashboard.

    From $0.00 / month

    Yotpo’s core product, review generation and on-site display, is available free of charge.

    Additional revenue generating features are available at additional cost. Check out the details.

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