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Yotpo Reviews

Yotpo Reviews

Developed by Yotpo

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  • Increase sales by generating more site & product reviews with Yotpo’s signature in-mail review form
  • Boost your customers' trust and increase conversion rate with tons of verified reviews & customer photos
  • Plug & play with Shopify - Easy to use and setup takes only 3 minutes!

Yotpo has more 5 star reviews than any other review app in the Shopify App Store. That’s because Yotpo is a whole lot more than a reviews platform, it’s a user-generated content engine for growth.

A few of our Shopify client case studies include MVMT, Pura Vida, and Beardbrand.

Join the 150,000+ stores using Yotpo today. Here's what you get with the free version:

Generate More Product Reviews

Yotpo’s signature in-mail form lets buyers leave reviews from within the body of review requests emails. As a result, Yotpo users generate more product reviews & site reviews than generated with other reviews solutions.

Increase Conversion Rate

Check out the video above. Pura Vida bracelets improved sales by establishing trust and you can too. Yotpo users typically experience a 30-120% lift in conversion rate when using our customizable widgets on product pages.

Optimize For Mobile

All Yotpo’s features are made with mobile in mind. When we send a review request, mobile users can leave reviews without ever leaving their email app. Mobile users arriving from a Yotpo click spend 37% more time on site than other users.

Love the free version and want to take your business to the next level?
Try Yotpo's premium packages:

  • Social Curation [NEW] - Social curation makes it easy for you to get more traffic and sales by turning your customers’ Instagram photos into your brand’s best marketing assets.

  • User-Generated Photos - Collect and showcase customer photos and embrace a well-rounded approach to visual marketing.

  • Full Social Integration - You and your customers can share 5 star reviews on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

  • SEO Success - We offer Rich Snippets, Google Seller Ratings and Product Listing Ads, which all dramatically increase click-through rate from Google.

  • Community Q&A - Answer customer questions directly on the product page, or automatically send questions to past buyers to let them answer.

  • Product Recommendations - Choose products to promote and upsell to likely buyers to increase customer lifetime value.

  • Yotpo Ads - Turn reviews into paid ads on Facebook & Instagram. Ads with reviews decrease CPA by 50% and increase CTR by 300%.

  • Coupons - Offer your shoppers coupons for writing and sharing reviews to increase purchase to review conversion rate.

  • Comments - Respond to your reviews, publicly or privately, to say thanks or resolve issues.

  • And so much more!

    Integrate with the most popular marketing tools and the best Shopify apps

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  • Facebook Ads

  • Instagram

  • Instagram Ads

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  • Google AdWords

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  • Yotpo Reviews reviews (958)


    That used to be a very well application, with good and attractive FREE plans, but ALSO reasonable priced PAID plans, with normal prices and competitive plans.

    Unfortunately they have changed 180 degrees, and gone to non pricing disclosure, a FREE plan that provides literally nothing, and paid plan raised from 30$ to 399$..

    In which business plan do you swift pricing from 30$ to 399$?

    I am really sorry for you guys taking down that road.

    Thanks for the good times you gave us the last years.



    I like it. Better than other review widget. Five stars


    Once you install the app, it pulls your orders and emails are sent out. This is a problem as Yotpo does not check for marketing options. This information would have been good to know before I installed the app to see how it would look on my site, and then uninstalled it when I realized its appearance would need to be adjusted to match my website design. In less than fifteen minutes, the damage was done and my entire customer database was sent emails by Yotpo. Customers are *still* receiving emails and I've emailed Yotpo telling them to immediately stop sending. No response. My request to cancel my account was received with a canned 'please let us know your feedback' reply.

    I would not recommend using this service until Yotpo:
    * check that only customers who are okay with marketing receive the email
    * ask the Shopify owner if it is okay to send emails to past customers, or at least revisit its workflow and make improvements


    Changed new theme, having problem to re-install the code of Yotpo, took 5 days to receive a reply from them with installation instruction, but I still having trouble placing the code to the right place so I message them again and since then never get a response from them. For free user they don't really care & unwilling to help.


    Terrible service! We used the app for our old site but since redesigning we have had issues implementing. After numerous emails asking for assistance we have received nothing back from them. We still receive the promotional emails though...

    Stick with Shopify Product Reviews - Effortless!




    We would definitely recommend Yotpo to anybody wanting to increase reviews on their Shopify website. So far, the application itself seems stable, is easy to use, and has some great features such as a coupon generator...this is a great way to encourage people to leave reviews. Well done!


    There is nothing quite like the thrill of getting your first 5 star review, and Yotpo automates the review collecting process so that it's easy to get them. There were a few minor set up issues, but their account management team is great to work with, is very knowledgeable and is quick to help make sure you are on track. I love the automation that allows you to automatically have reviews post to social media. Overall a great investment so far.


    Mixed reviews about YOTPO, But be careful and read this before you install it in your system.

    When I started out with Yotpo I was very happy with the free app. Since I have been with them for 3 years. Over the last 3 years the free version is getting smaller and smaller. I have nearly 100 reviews on the system, so I wanted to keep with them on the site.

    Recently I spoke to the sales guys about using the services and upgrading, but this is the catch, if you're a customer that has been using this system for a while you I am not paying $5000 per year for the service.

    It now looks like we will lose our feedback which we have built up because of the pricing of yotpo.

    Not sure how they can justify this price, personally I think they live on another planet.


    Great app, very easy to use

    From $0.00 / month

    Yotpo’s core product, review generation and on-site display, is available free of charge.

    Additional revenue generating features are available at additional cost. Check out the details.

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