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13 mars 2023

Maria was super helpful with helping us with a technical issue. The app does lack a few features I would like, such as seeing the subscription NOT base on the sale price of an item if it's on sale when the customer places their subscription. But the backend makes it fairly easy to add and readd an item at a separate price.

Ethereal Gold Dispensary
Environ 2 mois d’utilisation de l’application
Yotpo a répondu 14 mars 2023

We appreciate your feedback, thank you!

19 juin 2023

This team has continued to impress me with their customer service and follow-up. I required some custom work on widget display to enhance the user experience and they were willing to do the work behind the scenes and notified me numerous times along teh way while the work was being done. Thessanyl managed the entire interaction between myself and their Dev team and was extremely courteous and professional. It has been a great experience thus far. Highly recommend!

Wholly Liquid
3 mois d’utilisation de l’application
18 août 2023

These 5 stars are for the support I received from Radly and the escalation team. We ran into a fairly large snafu during migration, right before launch. Radly and team came up with a creative solution to really help us out of a bind. I am very grateful for the extra mile they went and looking forward to seeing our subscriptions in the wild, thank you!

We Love Skin
5 mois d’utilisation de l’application
Yotpo a répondu 4 septembre 2023

Thank you for your review! we are thrilled to hear our Migration Specialist assisted you successfully with an overall great experience from start to finish!

29 août 2023

App has great interface but if you have an existing subscription platform, the transfer is entirely dependent on your migration specialist. Our migration took about 2 weeks with very few customers because of the heavy back and forth. Widget looks great on the site and we're able to customize look & feel for branding. Back end has great looking analytics so far.
Downsides: yotpo doesn't have a build-a-box feature and our previous app, BOLD, did. Yotpo's solution was to email them all and ask them to go through resubscribing process again. This is forcing us to standardize our subscriptions as we've been through a few different versions. Messy, a ton of customer communication and crossing of fingers that this'll be the real solution we're looking for

5 mois d’utilisation de l’application
Yotpo a répondu 4 septembre 2023

Thank you for the time you took to provide us with feedback. We sincerely apologize for the delay in your migration process and want to assure you that this is not a common practice in our migration process. It is a pleasure to know that all of your contracts were successfully migrated and that you are now up and running with our app.

We value your feedback regarding the subscription box and are constantly developing new features and enhancements that will improve our app and the overall experience. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best possible service, and we appreciate your patience while we work to enhance our app.

20 septembre 2023

Migration was great, very user-friendly for the customer and conversions are sharp as well.

Definitely smoother to use than Recharge and Bold. If you have yotpo rewards its a no brainer!

Looking forward to seeing how the team develops the app to have even more features and improvements. Yotpo is great for its simplicity, how its apps are all interconnected, but also how they roll out solutions that work and are simple, with no pointless features that sound great in concept but add too much complexity with little to no value.

Great job Yotop team, special shout out to Brandon and Randly, these guys are outstanding!!!!!!!

OTR Meals
3 mois d’utilisation de l’application
29 mars 2023

Great App, easy to setup. There could be some more tweaks to change, but for now pretty solid.
Maria was very kind and answered all my questions, very friendly and she seems to know the product very well.
16 jours d’utilisation de l’application
21 mars 2023

I don't have long-term experience with this app (downloaded it JUST today), but I am already feeling good about it thanks to the chat support. I reached out to the chat support and was immediately helped. Thessanyl quickly resolved my question, and I'm now able to continue preparing my subscription launch. I'll return in a few months to review once I have more experience using it.

Sol Y Tierra Candles
18 minutes d’utilisation de l’application
22 janvier 2023

Had a little issue with Subscription showing the widget twice on a product page. One of the chat customer service reps Happy helped me out and was resolved in minutes.

Highly recommend Yotpo subscriptions and all other Yotpo services.

Bangn Body
9 mois d’utilisation de l’application
Yotpo a répondu 23 janvier 2023

Thank you for writing a review — we value your feedback.

3 mai 2023

I have recently installed the app and so far the process of integration and use has been seamless. Irvin and the support team were very prompt and helpful in their responses, which is always good. My favorite part of the app is how easy it is to customize the UI. Look forward to my experience with Yotpo.

Mineral Project
Environ 24 heures d’utilisation de l’application
Yotpo a répondu 1 juin 2023

Thank you and we are happy you're enjoying our app!

16 janvier 2023

I had a problem when installing the app, and after getting a little frustrated decided to reach out to customer support. A man by the name of Jomar M looked after me in the nicest way in got it all solved for me in no time. Recommend both the app and their customer support. I strive to have a customer support team as good as Yotpo for my own brand :)

Grind and Dose
4 mois d’utilisation de l’application
Yotpo a répondu 18 janvier 2023

We appreciate your feedback, thank you!