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Modifié le 15 novembre 2023

We had had some issues with our migration, but in the end, the agent handling our migration, Radley, put in a huge effort to get us over the line and was very capable.

The platform is still missing a number of key capabilities - it pushes all orders through for products that are out of stock, with no other options for how to manage out of stock orders. It is missing a number of fairly obvious customer notifications. There is no way of passing through delivery details through to the courier. The cancellation flow kicks in when customers remove any of the products from a subscription, so we get calls from customers who are afraid that they are accidentally cancelling their whole subscription. There is no admin capability to make changes to individual upcoming orders. It is integrated with Loyalty and Rewards, but with no way to discern between subscription orders vs one-off orders as the reward trigger. And there's no API yet. To see customer timelines, these have to be individually downloaded as a csv, making on the go customer service almost impossible.

The BIB Wine Company
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Yotpo a répondu 21 octobre 2023

We are so sorry to hear that your migration experience did not meet your expectations. We take your feedback very seriously, and we’re committed to addressing these issues promptly and effectively.

Right now, we're in a period of rapid growth and expansion, and we are continuously adding skilled representatives to ensure a smoother experience for all our customers.

Rest assured, we are thoroughly investigating the issues you encountered to prevent them from happening again in the future. In addition, we are currently working on improving our out-of-stock handling functionality.

If you are interested, given that this is a priority for you, we would like to invite you to become a design partner, your input will be instrumental in shaping a solution that works seamlessly for your business.

Exporting customer timelines is already possible, and we are in the final stages of development to include this view directly in your admin interface. This enhancement should be available soon, offering you a comprehensive view of customer actions and engagements, not just within subscriptions, but also across other Yotpo products.

Thank you for sharing your concerns and we are here to answer any questions.

4 août 2022

The setup was easy, but emails are not being sent out to customers. Support tried to help but ended on radio silence after a week of trying. Maybe specify this is a beta app.

Pod Accessories
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Yotpo a répondu 5 août 2022

Thank you so much for flagging this with us and we are so sorry that your experience has been less than optimal!

We are reaching out to you now to see how we can help rectify the issue and ensure you have a good experience with Yotpo Subscriptions.

7 avril 2023

Just started with this app and well the support is very spot on. So far for an admin it is taking so long to find the function I need to assist customers. We came from Recharge which has an excellent back end for Admins even the timeline for each subscription is easy to read- no excel to down load. When a customer needs help to "ship now" I had to reach out to support to figure it out. It would be helpful for R&D to do UX testing for the actual day to day functionality.

Juice Beauty
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