Zaius Activated CDP & Insights

Zaius Activated CDP & Insights

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Aggregate, learn from, & act on all of your customer data

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Customer Data Platform

Combine data from any source to create a complete customer profile that powers your marketing, service, & commerce platforms.

Insights and Predictions

Automatically surface shopper insights & trends. Predict who will purchase next, prevent churn, and increase loyalty and repeat purchases.

Activate to All Your Channels

Generate finely-tuned segments & attributes that integrate into your ESP, ad network, or customer experience solutions of your choice.

Acerca de Zaius Activated CDP & Insights

What is Zaius?

Zaius is the Activated Customer Data Platform that helps brands achieve higher CLTV by delivering relevance across the entire customer journey, from anonymous browsers to loyal shoppers. We align your entire organization around customer data, allowing you to create a relevant customer experience that differentiates your brand and generates customer loyalty.

Zaius gives you access to an actionable and dynamic customer lifecycle view, supercharges your segmentation with personalized data science models based on your brand’s data, and delivers relevant attributes, segments, and campaigns into every customer experience.

Easy To Integrate

Integrate all your data in under 10 minutes, or build your own custom integrations with our APIs, and web and mobile sdks. In addition to integrating with your customers, orders, products, and web traffic through Shopify, Zaius offers turn-key integrations with:

  • ESPs (like Mailchimp, Klaviyo, and Bronto)
  • Service and Loyalty (like Zendesk and Yotpo)
  • Ad Networks (like Facebook, Google, and Criteo)

A Single View Of The Customer

With all of your customer touchpoints in one place, finally get that single view of the customer you need to be successful. Combine data from multiple sources to generate precise targeting segments to deploy via any marketing channel.

Data Science For Every Brand

Zaius enhances your segmentation with deep customer insights and predictive recommendations derived from data science models built and tuned specifically for your business.

How It Works

  • Integrate your customer data in minutes
  • Zaius enhances your data with insights and predictions
  • Activate precise targeting and predictive analytics via marketing channels like email, SMS, on-site, and ad networks. Bring your own email, SMS, and other marketing platforms, or use ours.

Use Cases

  • Accelerate revenue and expand revenue-generation opportunities with predicted order likelihood models
  • Identify customers at risk for churn and re-engage them at just the right time
  • Increase loyalty and strengthen relationships by sending the right content to the right customer: engage your MVPs with exclusive deals; highlight content based on past interests; and build your brand with your newest shoppers
  • Reduce your dependence on coupons to make the sale—know exactly who needs a discount and who will buy anyway

Se integra con

  • Mailchimp,
  • Klaviyo,
  • Bronto,
  • Facebook,
  • Google,
  • Zendesk

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