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24. Mai 2024

App works well.
3 stars because if you use Coreldraw, corel doesn't recognize the font when you import the svg. ( I did ask for help with this and they said it works fine with Illustraor etc..) This then causes a huge issue of figuring out what font was used. You can use Inkscape to figure it out but at that point I can do a layout way quicker.
If they figured out the Corel issue this would be a great app.
So to save my sanity I think I will be deleting it.

Precisioncraft Laser
Etwa 2 monate mit der App
Zakeke (Futurenext Srl) hat geantwortet 4. Juni 2024

Thank you for your review; the honest opinions of our customers help us improve.

Zakeke's ultimate goal is to help print providers automate and scale operations by generating print-ready files that require no further intervention for order fulfillment.

Among the various formats, Zakeke generates an SVG file according to international standards, which all graphic software, including CorelDRAW, can read.
CorelDRAW still reads the SVG file but doesn't identify the font used. The SVG standard includes the font name in quotes (e.g., "Adamina"), but CorelDRAW fails to recognize it, requiring manual font identification. While this is a limitation of CorelDRAW, we understand it impacts your operations. We will soon release a fix to remove the quotes in the SVG for CorelDRAW, ensuring the font is recognized automatically.

Bearbeitet am 12. April 2024

The program is great, and the features are excellent. The downside is that if something goes wrong with the app on the weekend, there is no customer service to get you back up and running. That's money lost until someone reaches out on Monday. On top of the monthly fee, the transaction fee adds up if you do a lot of sales.

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25. Februar 2020

error with the buy button, not quite visible in the shop. not all products are found in printful and not all mockups can be imported. images for variants are not transferred either. in addition, the fulfillment location cannot be selected. if I change the item price in shopify, the design button disappears in the shop. I have noticed these errors so far.

Empiva Austria
Etwa ein jahr mit der App
Zakeke (Futurenext Srl) hat geantwortet 26. Februar 2020

Hi! Thank your for your review. The issues you're having can be resolved:

- "buy button" = we guess you mean the "customize" button. It can be edited to make it as you prefer. You can make it on your own by following our guides or we can make it on your behalf.

- Not all products from Printful are available because it's not automatic to get them in the catalog for Zakeke. However, we periodically work on expanding the catalogs of our print-on-demand partners (as an example, new products from CustomCat were released today!)

- Fulfillment location: this is set in automatic by Printful based on the shipment address.

There is a couple of things that we need to understand better (the "images for variants are not transferred" and the "if I change the item price in shopify, the design button disappears in the shop"), that's why we sent you a message from our helpdesk. Happy to get them solved!

5. Juni 2023

Great tool so far. Very odd that simple things aren't allowed in the beginning plan like Bulk Variations. If someone wants to customize a product but add a different name to 10 of the same design, they have to make 10 products unless I want to pay like triple the money per month.

Also, I don't understand why they don't have a warning that certain options cost more until AFTER you've already spent time setting the option up and getting it ready, you go to hit save or publish and THEN it says you have to upgrade your plan.

CK Graphics
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29. August 2023

Un po' difficile da configurare e sistemare con lo store, se ci fosse più documentazione e anche dei video più semplici sarebbe meglio

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