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ZEN.AI Product Recommendations

ZEN.AI Product Recommendations

Developed by ZEN.AI

12 reviews
Price: Custom Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Sell More. ZEN.AI’s personalized recommendations help visitors discover and purchase new products.
  • Start Fast. Easily setup and customize seven recommendation widgets for your home page, product and collections pages.
  • Risk nothing. FREE to install. You don’t pay until our product recommendations increase your sales.

Increase your Shopify store sales with ZEN.AI. You can quickly and easily add personalized product recommendations. Our machine learning algorithms analyze your data to find new connections between people, products and profit.

Grow Sales

Showing relevant product recommendations on your home page, collections, or product pages leads to more conversions and higher average order size.

Improve Customer Experience

Help visitors discover and select products based on their viewing and buying preferences. It’s the key to delivering an optimal customer experience.

Increase Lifetime Value

The more customers feel your store offers a personalized shopping experience the more likely they’ll come back to make additional purchases and suggest it to others.

Flexible Recommendation Options

ZEN.AI supports 7 different recommendation options so you can optimize your home page, product and collection pages.

  • Trending Products - Displays hot products as determined by recent views and sales.

  • Ultimately Bought - Displays products that were utlimately bought after viewing this product.

  • Top Picks for You - Displays personalized recommendations based on your visitor's history.

  • Newest Products - Displays the products you've most recently added to your store.

  • Similar Products - Displays products that are similar to or often purchased with the product being viewed.

  • Recently Viewed - Displays the products each visitor has recently looked at.

  • Top Sellers - Displays the best selling products from your store.

    • Do Less. Sell More.

      You can get started in minutes. ZEN.AI is simple to use and easy for you to customize to fit your store’s design and layout. If you get stuck, help is just a click away.

      Results-based Pricing

      ZEN.AI is FREE to install. You don’t pay a penny until our recommendations start producing more sales for your store. Your fee is based on 5% of sales generated by ZEN.AI

      Realtime Reporting

      Your dashboard shows realtime results so you can track additional sales and revenue being generated by ZEN.AI’s recommendations.

      • Recommendation Views

      • Recommendation Clicks

      • Percent of Views to Clicks

      • Percent of Clicks to Orders

      • Revenue Generated from ZEN.AI

ZEN.AI Product Recommendations reviews

12 reviews
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Good App to highlight popular products. David is quick to address any concerns and was able to provide the technical solutions I needed.


David helped me in getting this set up. Fantastic app to use, definitely beats limespot for recommendation as their app loads way faster, and is easier to customize.


This is a useful app! Good customer support, too.


Amazing App & Excellent customer support!


Incredible app, most impressed I've been.


Amazing app and really great revenue model. They truly believe in what they do, and the increased sales proves it!

Thanks for everything ZEN.AI



The App does exactly what it describes, and the customer support is amazing! They will live chat with you about any question you have straight from the app and provide you with top notch support! I spoke with David over a simple issue I had and he responded promptly.


Really cool app! I hope to generate some extra sales from this in the future!


Great product recommendation app. Super easy to install and use. Support is superb.


I've had ZEN.AI installed on my store for about 6 weeks. I found the initial set up to be very hassle free, it was super simple to select the recommendation widgets for each page and install them without any code or help from support. It was simply point and click.

I forgot about ZEN.AI and I haven't had to touch it. In that six week period it's done almost $1000 in extra sales and only cost a few dollars, much less than any other advertising method - it's way better than PPC or social as we're selling to customers already engaged with our brand.. it's a win-win!
Almost 10% of my site visitors are clicking through on the ZEN.AI reccomendations.

I emailed a couple of minor suggestions to the support team and they were very fast and helpful with their responses.
I have no hesitation in recommending ZEN.AI to other Shopify merchants.


FREE to install. You don’t pay a penny until our recommendations start producing more sales for your store. Your fee is based on 5% of sales generated by ZEN.AI.

14 days

Support & Sales

+1 415 361 9516
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