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14. März 2024

Zendrop has great customer service! You can always reach them via chat. I've also never had any problems with orders or parcels, which has unfortunately happened with other dropshipping providers. I can recommend Zendrop!

10 monate mit der App
10. April 2024

Over all user friendly, lots of good options too. Only sad part is when products randomly are removed from the site, but not auto removed from your store or listed as out of stock. They do send you an email which is helpful.

Fast friendly customer service too

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7 monate mit der App
23. März 2024

friendly interface & all services available in one platform. Zendrop has been in this business longtime.

Etwa ein jahr mit der App
19. Februar 2024

I am not sure if I would recommend it I have not had a chance to use it have had no sales can't connect to Facebook or Instagram upgraded to your $79 membership thinking I would have at least made one sale how wrong I was. Actually getting really tired of trying to figure out what I need to do might just cancel everything it has been more trouble than anything so I'll wait maybe 2 more weeks and if nothing happens I'll be out, I am sorry from what I've learned about Zendrop you guys are great.
Thank you
Martha Harris

Grandmas Little Miracles Boutique
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3 monate mit der App
15. Februar 2024

Zendrop is amazing at almost everything. High Profit Margins, Eye Catching Cool Images, Fast Shipping, The Customer Support is never seen in any other app It's so quick. Dashboard is just so clean and simple to understand. It's been a few days and we are loving It already. Only 1 thing is that they should have shown a sample packaging an Image/Video So that we all could have got an idea of how the packaging would be. Also Mockup would be very great for the packaging and Thank you card as well. Else It Amazing!! Great Job Zendrop. ❤️ From HOOR.

2 monate mit der App
4. April 2024

Once you find the link for support, customer service is always helpful. After a couple of false starts, I am finally able to get up and running with my second store.

Upscale Trends
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4 monate mit der App
16. Februar 2024

A Game-Changer for Dropshipping: My Zendrop Experience

After using Zendrop for the past four months, I feel compelled to share my journey with this platform. As someone who has recently embarked on the dropshipping path, Zendrop has been nothing short of amazing. From the outset, I was drawn to its simplicity and the gentle learning curve it offers. This platform is incredibly user-friendly, making it accessible for beginners like myself.

What stands out most about Zendrop is the affordability of production costs. For dropshippers, maintaining a profitable business hinges on keeping overheads low, and Zendrop excels in this area. Their pricing structure is a major advantage, allowing for better margins on sales.

Additionally, the resources provided by Zendrop are invaluable. The academy is a treasure trove of information, offering insights and tips that have been crucial to my development. The community on the Circle app fosters a supportive environment where I can connect with like-minded individuals, exchange ideas, and seek advice. Moreover, the expert coaching available has guided me through challenges, providing personalized advice that has helped me grow my business.

I opted for the Plus membership, and it has been an excellent investment. This tier offers everything I needed to start on a strong footing, covering a wide range of services and tools that have enhanced my dropshipping endeavor.

One initial hurdle I faced was neglecting to track my order shipping effectively. This was a learning curve, but it taught me the importance of foresight in managing logistics. Zendrop's platform has since enabled me to streamline this aspect, ensuring better satisfaction for my customers and a smoother operation for my business.

In conclusion, Zendrop is a powerful ally for anyone in the dropshipping industry. Its user-friendly interface, cost-effective pricing, and comprehensive support system make it a standout choice. I am genuinely excited to continue my journey with Zendrop, confident in the knowledge that I have their support every step of the way. Whether you're just starting out or looking to scale your business, Zendrop offers the tools and community to help you succeed.

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3 monate mit der App
2. Februar 2024

Honestly, they're great!..but a bit pricey for a starting business. It's awesome that you can link / import AliExpress Items BUT you need a paid subscription for that. I wish I could get another free trial hahahaha...BUT overall, I think it's worth it...just, again, a bit pricey. And customer Service really is AMAZING by the way!

Brick Racer Champions
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5 monate mit der App
15. März 2024

love this platform, great value and fast customer service. I've tried another platform and had to pay just to "start", and the automation was awful

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4 monate mit der App
25. Februar 2024

Had an issue with a return/refund/reshipping of an order. I first spoke to a "bot" and within 15 minutes on a Sunday morning I was contacted by a live representative who guided me through the entire process by simply providing them shipping information. I look forward to doing more business with this company. Thank you Karrie (customer service rep).

MonsterMash Retail
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