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14. Februar 2023

is a very very a varasity of equvilent to one hundred divided by the perimiter equeals pain ful zwendrop

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Zendrop hat geantwortet 14. Februar 2023

Hey there, I don't quite understand what you mean by this, but would love nothing more than to connect and figure out what your pain points are. Please shoot me an email at at your earliest convenience so we can go over any pain points you're currently facing!

22. November 2022

Haven't used it that much, mainly searched through all of their inventory but the selection isn't nearly as much as they proclaim to have and shipping products on low weight/low priced products are ridiculously high.

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Zendrop hat geantwortet 28. November 2022

Hi there. Yes, inventory is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to dropshipping. We do have indicators on the product listings to help mitigate that but we don't actually know about the inventory situation for every single product until our team in China goes to place an order. This is something that we're actively working on improving but we do business with thousands of factories which makes it very difficult to know the inventory situation for 500k different products. For shipping, the pricing is just really high in general right now, but we're very confident that the pricing overall is extremely competitive. I'd love to discuss this in more detail so please don't hesitate to shoot me an email at I hope to talk to you soon!

3. November 2022

Kinda trash and impossible to cancel. It's "trending products" are old at best and most of the items aren't sourced with reputable companies. I got the app and started researching. There are way better options for less money, or you can do it yourself, which is basically what you would be doing.

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Zendrop hat geantwortet 7. November 2022

Hey there! We are working on improving the trending products section in a big way. The products in our catalog are sourced from many different factories we've had relationships with for years so we're confident they are high quality. I'm sorry to hear that your experience with Zendrop hasn't been great so far and would love to dig into that with you. Keep an eye out for an email from me shortly. Thanks!

20. März 2022

Worthless, you guys need to understand, people hate to be boxed in and not allowed to navigate, what is the use of an app, if it stops what it was intended to fix.

Impreza sales
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Zendrop hat geantwortet 21. März 2022

Hi there! I'm really sorry to hear that you haven't had a great experience with Zendrop so far. I'd love to touch base with you on the issue(s) you're facing. Please reach out to me via email at whenever you have a moment. Cheers!

23. Mai 2022

Next time please let your costumers know that you don't have the product in stock, and that the shipping times will be longer than your stated 10-15 days. If you don't communicate with us, how will I know the product is out of stock and will be delayed for possibly another month? Currently have 100+ orders to fulfill. Do better.

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Zendrop hat geantwortet 18. August 2022

Hey there!

Thank you very much for your feedback.

First, I wanted to say I'm sorry to hear that your experience with Zendrop hasn't been the best. We absolutely want to make this right, so please reach out to me via email at at your earliest convenience.

Second, I wanted to explain how this works behind the scenes. When it comes to the dropshipping business model, and the thousands of products / factories that we do business with, it's currently incredibly difficult to have a pulse on when something is going to be out of stock or there's a processing delay -- this is something we're informed of after an order is placed and our partners in China inform us of any issues. The only way we'd be able to understand the status of every product in our catalog is if we contacted each factory on a daily basis inquiring about the status of every product they're able to provide. As it stands, with 500k+ different products in our catalog, this isn't possible, but we're working on some very big improvements that will alleviate a lot of these logistical headaches.

I hope this explanation helps, but again, please don't hesitate to reach out to me via email so we can discuss all of this in greater detail. Cheers!

Bearbeitet am 14. August 2021

- Update got a sample order and the quality and packaging is similar or worst than other platforms I used. Put the items side by side and there is not difference of quality. Also, this service charge you monthly and plus it charge you more per item the thank you letter didn't come with the order. Absolutely horrible. I will give up on this service it sucks.
- Update: Brad and Joshua are helping get through our issues and for that I change my mind and make this a 5 star for now. Old Experience: I am so disappointed with this app. I had a great plan to migrate everything to Zendrop. I started with the free plan and everything was going smooth. Then I sign up for the pro plan and everything started to go down hill from there. the Aliexpress import featured stop working. Then customer support was discussing logistics with me told me that a 25 CM plush that could get compress will cost 28 dollars for shipping and that turn me off so hard. Here is the ridiculous logistic they were showing me: if you see the product link the 25 CM and the 70 CM shipping is almost the same. which is insane because the weight is totally different and their size well of course 25 CM and 70 CM can't compare. I though they had a flat rate of $6 or $9 for the express shipping but they started to give different shipping rates. I was starting to wonder why would I pay 49.99 a month if their shipping is so expensive. After that things got even more weird they have other products for the same size with the flat rate but only mine the one that sell a lot was different in terms of shipping that was a little fishy in my opinion here is a item that is bigger but they charge way less for shipping. I hope they get their logistics together and solved this because this is the reason I downgrade to a free plan and planning to go to another platform at the moment. I told the customer girl to give me a reason to stay but she didn't have one so I left. I am willing to turn this review to 5 stars if they do the right thing and fix these issues

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Zendrop hat geantwortet 23. Juli 2021

Hi there!

We're really sorry to hear that your experience hasn't been great since you upgraded to the Pro plan, but we appreciate you taking the time out of your day to leave us your feedback.

Yes, we unfortunately ran into an issue with the AliExpress import feature recently. A hotfix was released, but there are still some issues, and our development team is hard at work doing everything they can to correct everything as quickly as they possibly can.

For the shipping cost, we're actually in the process of making some changes there to be more transparent with all of our users so there are going to be some products that haven't been updated since we have hundreds of thousands of products in our catalog. When we started Zendrop, we thought a standard shipping fee was the best way to do things, but we’ve realized that in order to provide full transparency to our users, we want to provide accurate product and shipping pricing as best we can. The total price is the same as before, but now you get a better sense of the cost for products and shipping individually.

With that being said, all of these things are being worked on, and we're doing everything we can to complete them in a timely manner.

We'd really love for you to give us another shot, and provide us with an opportunity to make this right for you. Please feel free to shoot our COO, Brad, an email at so he can help sort you out.

Talk to you soon!

Bearbeitet am 18. Oktober 2021

disappointed, still waiting for my orders to be send to my customers, they wrote 1-3 days to ship, its been 2 weeks and still counting for some of my orders to be processed, my orders on Aliexpress are faster than this App, lucky me i don't pay for it. Disappointed, another app with fake reviews.
My order are not sent yet!! i made the review on 12/10 we are on 18/10.

Beauty Peachy
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Zendrop hat geantwortet 12. Oktober 2021

Hi there! We want to start off by saying we're very sorry to hear about this delay with your orders. This is not something that happens often, in fact, it's very rare. Regardless, we will do everything we can to make sure this is taken care of for you as quickly as possible. We see that our Customer Success team has already been in contact with you regarding the delayed orders. They're looking into the cause of the delays, and are making sure that everything is shipped out as soon as possible with the highest priority. Please feel free to reach out to should you have any further questions, comments, and/or concerns. He's always more than happy to help.

13. November 2022

PLEASE BE AWARE: This app steals all product information from your store, including full descriptions for their own personal use as soon as you quote a product - it shows up on the zendrop site for everyone's use - costumer service is pretend bot, not humans and the cherry on the top - THEY KEEP YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION and you can't delete it!!!

TGC Boutique
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Zendrop hat geantwortet 14. November 2022

Hi there! We don't steal any product information -- the only thing we do is allow users to import public products from AliExpress using links (this pulls the description, images, etc). These listings are then made public on our platform which is standard and the same process applied to the hundreds of thousands of products currently in our catalog. We do have a bot that helps you resolve the most common issues but we 100% have real humans answering question from 9 AM (EST) to 5 PM (EST), Monday through Friday. You can have your credit card deleted by requesting that from our Customer Success team, but we have had a few complaints about it not being something you can do yourself which we are currently working on adding. That's simply a lack of functionality that we're correcting. I'm going to reach out to you via email here shortly to dig into these items in more detail. I hope to talk to you soon!

Bearbeitet am 23. September 2022

Well, here's an update after we launched. I had orders come through on Saturday and they are still in "quoting" process - and it's the following Friday. This is too slow. It should NOT take 6 or more days to quote a product. That doesn't even include processing it or shipping it! My customers are never going to get my orders. Now I've had to go to another fulfillment service. Please let us know when you can quote on-time. I'd like to really use this as my main app, but I can't do that now if you can't process the orders. I'm really disappointed about this ZenDrop. Please do better.
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Zendrop hat geantwortet 26. September 2022

Hi there! I'm really sorry to hear about your product that took so long to quote. We sent out a push notification to all of our users about the delay, and we're in the process of addressing that -- it's a major issue that we're putting a lot of effort into. I know that you mentioned using another fulfillment service, but please ping me at I'd love to discuss this in more detail, see about getting your quote handled, and how we can improve your experience overall. I hope to talk to you soon!

2. Dezember 2022

Do not be fooled. Ive been using this app to try and start drop shipping and it has significantly pushed me behind and made me lose motivation. They couldn't even help me with my sample order. For my sample order its been over 2 weeks and i still don't have it. Please be careful. I was so happy to try this app and start my store and now i have to restart completely. and guess what, i have the plus plan and no help has been given.

Luxury Home Technology
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Zendrop hat geantwortet 7. Dezember 2022

Hi there! I'm really sorry to hear about your sample order and also that your experience so far has not been great... the last thing anybody here at Zendrop wants is for you to lose your motivation -- we want the polar opposite. Please understand that we had an influx of new sign ups which caused a massive delay in support ticket responses. We've since restructured the entire support experience and are just about caught up with all of our queues. I truly hope you'd be willing to give Zendrop another chance as the experience you've had so far is not the Zendrop standard.