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8 de abril de 2024

This service has absolute best support. Big thanks to the team, which takes care of us! Anything missing? Any problem with Zendrop? Do not hesitate to contact the support team!

4 meses usando o app
2 de fevereiro de 2024

Honestly, they're great!..but a bit pricey for a starting business. It's awesome that you can link / import AliExpress Items BUT you need a paid subscription for that. I wish I could get another free trial hahahaha...BUT overall, I think it's worth it...just, again, a bit pricey. And customer Service really is AMAZING by the way!

Brick Racer Champions
Estados Unidos
6 meses usando o app
24 de janeiro de 2024

Zendrop is a great drop shipping company to start with, they have a wide selection of trendy products for you to choose from. Their customer services is amazing , quick response time to resolve any issues you have. Abigael is amazing! They always send out updates on products and events too.
You can check out their Academy, lots of resources to help you get started.
I would highly recommend Zendrop as your first choice!!

Estados Unidos
6 meses usando o app
18 de janeiro de 2024

I was a zendrop fan unti my first order was placed by my room mate, who was wanting to help me get my first sale, which is often the hardest one o get. I recieved a fraud alert, in big red letters saying there was a hi probability it would be a charge back,, Id like to know why and how this conclusion was reached when all the criteria was met with flying colors. every one of the markers was positive. after reading the explanation, you know, the one that says everything was all good and positive, I was dumbfounded, as was my roommate who was sitting there with me when this all happened and neither of us could understand why the alert came up. Hes very responsible with his money, he had more than enough to pay for his order, in fact the money was paid for the purchase very quickly. He wanted that massager as well as a few other things, to which he also told me hed be making his purchases elsewhere. Hes never been told before that hes a high risk to buy anything anywere, but he told me thats why he will go elsewhere to make his purchases. Even after I asked zendrop to fulfill the order, and said it was my room mate, I was told NO! Im very seriously thinking of getting a different supplier as this is not how I will choose to operate my business. This breaks my heart, as I loved how easy and user friendly your company is but I also know that i cant work that way.
Id like to first say that I love your app and love how easy it is to integrate your products to my store,,, I appreciate all that. I understand now who made the choice not to fullfill my order and I will be reaching out to shopify . Your employees were very kind and eager to help me in all of my frustration. I was holding blame with the wrong folks. I will say that the reason Im giving 5 stars is because of the willingness to help me and the empathy shown me by your staff. needed someone to listen to me and they did, they werent quick to judge me, they listened., thats a very important skill/trait to have in customer service..otherwise i guess i still would have given a 5, just because i love you guys and your app. thank you for listening to my frustrated and angry attitude, I did do my best not to be obnoxious or rude,,,, thats not me.. so thank you.. ill share my frustrations with the proper people.

Daves Ecom Outlet
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Aproximadamente 2 meses usando o app
31 de janeiro de 2024

Zendrop seamlessly fulfills my orders directly from my shopify store, on several occasions when Ive needed assistance mostly learning to set up my domain, or checking on orders, or even refunding customer service is always efficient effective and goes above and beyond to help me.
Thanks Zendrop

Estados Unidos
6 meses usando o app
Data de edição: 9 de fevereiro de 2024

I've been using Zendrop a bit for some months. Im still quite new to the business of dropshipping but I soon switched to another platform because I couldnt find the products I was looking for on Zendrop. In general they are a bit more expensive than others, however not in all cases. The bundling of items is still unclear to me but the support is in general very friendly and helpful. If you have the paid plan you get many extras on the side.

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3 meses usando o app
Zendrop deixou uma resposta 19 de janeiro de 2024

Thanks for sharing your feedback. We have reached out to you via email to assist you with this. Excited to get this to a resolution.

25 de janeiro de 2024

I had an email typo in an account setup and did not know it and after discovering a bill for a Plus Plan I reached out to them since I had already set up another account with the correct email since I was not receiving correspondence from them (going to the incorrect email I provided). They helped me resolve the matter rather than just sticking to the no refund after 5 days of activation policy. Mariane (who worked with me) was cool headed and followed through until it was all resolved. Very Professional and a great asset to your Customer Service Team! Don't let AI replace her. Miles Davenport

Estados Unidos
Aproximadamente 2 meses usando o app
9 de abril de 2024

Zendrop is very user friendly. It's a quick set up and everything you need to know is either right there for easy access offered through coaching/training. There's a ton of quality, popular products to chose from, for much lower prices than I'm seeing elsewhere. I would recommend Zendrop to everyone, but especially beginner dropshippers.

Estados Unidos
11 dias usando o app
29 de janeiro de 2024

I must commend Molly from the customer support team for her exceptional assistance. Not only did she promptly address my concerns, but she also successfully resolved the issue I had.

Molly's professionalism, efficiency, and commitment to resolving customer issues left a lasting positive impression. It's reassuring to know that Zendrop has a dedicated team that takes customer concerns seriously and handles them with the utmost care.

I greatly appreciate Molly's efforts and the overall excellent customer support provided by Zendrop. It's this level of service that fosters trust and confidence in the platform.

Highly recommended for anyone looking for reliable dropshipping services with top-notch customer support.

Reino Unido
6 meses usando o app
7 de abril de 2024

Hi, I have just started out with my shopify store, and it is linked to Zendrop fulfilment centre, I use them to fill my store with their products and I am enjoying the useful training they supply, I have had other shopify store owners already complimenting how great my store looks, I can highly recommend anyone to do this, I love my store. Thank you Zendrop.
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13 dias usando o app