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Compare and buy shipping labels in three clicks. We offer the lowest industry rates, for the lowest monthly subscription.

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Start a customer loyalty program through our customizable Rewards platform.

Keep in Touch.

Automatically send tracking and follow-up emails to your customers. Plus, more email marketing features coming soon.

有關 ZenSales

Spend less time shipping and more time doing what you want!

ZenSales makes shipping faster and easier for independent retailers than any other platform. Ditch the cumbersome shipping tools and simplify your business logistics. All for the lowest prices that you'll find in the industry!

Easy to use, intuitive features that work for you!

Through our system you can easily compare and purchase shipping options within seconds. Expedite your shipping process by batch purchasing your labels to cut your shipping time in half. Not only do we offer comprehensive shipping features, but with our Email Marketing and Reward tools you can manage your customers better!

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