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15. August 2020

I subscribed to the app specifically because it sold itself on the ability of UK merchants to automatically generate Parcelforce labels. When I set up the label printing instructions I found that the app was not programmed to recognise the Parcelforce service I use which is a product for shipping from Northern Ireland postcodes to Northern Ireland postcodes called Parcelrider Plus. As this is 80% of our shipments, we now can't use the app to print shipping labels - we have to continue to spend hours every week producing them manually. I have contacted Zenstores support (Harry) twice but on both occasions he replied that they were not interested in writing the additional code that would allow users of this Parcelforce contract (Parcelrider Plus) to actually make use of Zenstores - presumably because Zenstores calculates the number of potential users does not justify their programming time in developing their app). This is hugely disappointing for UK merchants as the app works well in all other respects - but we are still manually producing our Parcelforce shipping labels. So UK retailers, before subscribing and spending time setting up this app check carefully whether Zenstores will actually support the Parcelforce contract you are working with, especially if you are in one of the remoter UK zones (Highlands and Islands, Isle of Man, Channel Islands)

Pheasants Hill Farm
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4 monate mit der App
Mechfeed Ltd hat geantwortet 25. August 2020

Hi there

Thank you for providing your review. As a team, we are always trying to learn and improve our platform, so I appreciate you taking the time out.

As I said in my email, we do now support the Parcelforce Parcelrider Plus service, so hopefully moving forward you will see all the benefits of using the Zenstores platform to ship your Shopify orders!

Should you have any questions, please do get in touch.


22. August 2018

Solves one problem and creates an even worse one. If you are using parcel2go and smartsend this app is completely useless.

They update the tracking which is great, a problem solved.

Unfortunately they dont offer any way to duplicate an orders dimensions and you have to add a phone number to every order making this completely useless compared to smartsend on parcel2go. you save 1 minute and lose 2 minutes

How on earth did they not think to add duplicate orders is beyond me

Babita Store
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13 tage mit der App
12. August 2021

The app has some good features, if they could actually work. The interface looks simple and user friendly. The problem is few of the integrations work or are too timeconsuming and complex, and maybe more suited for businesses with existing accounts with the shipping services they want to use. 1. Parcel2Go integration doesn't work at all. When you try to integrate by using the login Zenstores provde, nothing happens and you get left with a blank background screen and nothing else. 2. RoyalMail only works with an OBA account. However, to register for OBA you need an existing account number, according to Royal Mail support I contacted. It's another time consuming process that takes a few days to get approval for. RoyalMail's quick and easy click & drop services can't be integrated with Zenstores. 3. Yodel too can't be integrated unless Zenstores does it manually. Zenstores ask for a Yodel "account number" while the Yodel account does not contain any account numbers. Turns out Zenstores description is misleading and "account number" is actually the first and last name in the Yodel account, so why not call it what it is? Then you need provide Zenstores with a "Netdespatch Username". They provide no clarity or screencap where to find this information, and the Yodel account does not contain anything with this description. When I contacted Yodel, they had no clue what a Netdespatch Username was. So, I wasted a lot of time back and forth on these things and in the end could not get anything working. Zenstores support is terrible and they didn't understand the problems even with screencaps provided.

The Parfumerie
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Etwa 3 stunden mit der App
Mechfeed Ltd hat geantwortet 24. August 2021

Hi there,

Thank you for providing your review and I’m sorry you had this experience with Zenstores. We are always eager to hear from our customers, even if it isn’t the sort of feedback we’d like to read.

As a team, we are always trying to learn and improve our platform, so I appreciate you taking the time.

I will address your points one by one below, though I would be very keen to pick up our conversation either via our chat, email or on the phone at a time to suit you.

1. The requirement for an existing carrier account - Businesses can use Zenstores to book shipments whether they have an existing carrier account or not.

If you have a carrier account, we can set up an integration. If you do not, we can instantly give your business access to leading carrier services from the platform.

These instant access shipping services are available to businesses that require a carrier collection or would like to drop off their parcels.

2. Parcel2Go - Many businesses use the Zenstores platform to access and purchase Parcel2Go’s range of carrier services. Having looked over your support ticket, I can see that you had issues logging into Parcel2Go on their site.

3. Royal Mail - That is correct — Zenstores is an approved Royal Mail integrator. Therefore, you must have an Online Business Account (OBA) to use the integration to book Royal Mail shipments.

To request an Online Business Account, you do not need an account number. This process is something we help businesses with many times a week.

4. Zenstores does not integrate with Click & Drop. Click & Drop is a Royal Mail software product primarily used by individuals rather than businesses. If your business is using Click & Drop, you should already have an Online Business Account, but we can help if you're unsure.

4. Yodel - Yodel utilises a third party called NetDespatch for integrations. The form in Zenstores to set this up contains all the information both parties require. Although this is a manual process on our side, we add this manual step to ensure that businesses do not run into issues when they go to ship.

5. Customer support - We would like nothing more than to help your business to improve how you ship orders, so if you would like to restart the conversation, please do so at any time.

I hope my reply helps clarify your points, and as I say, should you like to try Zenstores again, please do get in touch as we’ll be happy to help.

Michael from Zenstores