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27 de fevereiro de 2019

Zenstores has massively helped our business with the packing / fulfilment processes, saves so much time, easy to use. The downside is when you get into the bigger packages it is quite expensive.

Mood Essential Oils
Reino Unido
Quase 6 anos usando o app
12 de julho de 2022

I use this app daily for the business I work for, we have over 200 orders most days and I can say this is one of the best integrated apps to use alongside Shopify. Easy to use and easy to train staff to use. What would make it even better would be a holding tab, where I could keep orders till a later date to print. Would highly recommend Zenstores App

Verdant Brewing Co Ltd
Reino Unido
Mais de 4 anos usando o app
Mechfeed Ltd deixou uma resposta 13 de julho de 2022

Hearing how easy Zenstores is to use between different staff is great, and thank you for leaving such a fantastic review!

I have passed your suggestion on to the development team also.

Thanks again,
— the Zenstores team

27 de fevereiro de 2019

We have 2 Shopify stores and we use Zenstores for both of them plus our ebay and Amazon stores. It does all we need of it, is very reliable and if we do hit a problem, the support is excellent. They only lose a star because of a couple of irritating features that they seem unwilling to rectify, while wasting developers time on "Insights" which are very basic and are better provided by your accounting package or the sales channels. I recommend Zenstores highly.

Velo Duo Cycles
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Mais de 3 anos usando o app
29 de julho de 2016

This is a really great platform for us as a business and easy to use. Its saved us a huge amount of time manually inputting all the orders and any business growing will undertand they need to streamline the process and Zenstores is the one to use without question.

Only reason why this is 4 stars is that the tracking information sent to the customer isn't working. Zenstores blame Shopfiy and Shopify blame Zenstores but i havent got to the bottom of the issue.

Including an Aftership type model too would be an even better service and more desirable point to point solution.

Reino Unido
Aproximadamente 3 anos usando o app
15 de fevereiro de 2017

AT LAST!! An integration with Royal Mail that works seamlessly without having to deal with CSV files.. which when you are dealing with 100's of orders is a nightmare!

The team could not have been more helpful setting this up in 10 days - as to get a NETDISPATCH account set up on the RM system takes this long ..

Meanwhile the PPI was live instantly which we subsequently turned off when Net Dispatch went live enabling all our orders to ship with tracking information for our customers - a real win!

The app is new and so the team are open to feedback, which is great.

Current issues and reasons for 4 stars:
1 If you change an address in Shopify you need to manually update it in Zenstores too - along with any other order changes as they do not update after the first import into the app. It would be good to let us know this

2 If you partially refund an order it is not automatically shipped and you have to manually go back and fulfil the order in shopify with the tracking information

3 If you have a return or need to resend an item to a customer it is not obvious how to raise second shipping and not a simple trackable procedure. It also does not import this into Shopify for you

The team have taken all this on board though and are working on upgrades all the time

We would not be without this app

Pearl And Earl Shop
Reino Unido
Quase 2 anos usando o app
10 de novembro de 2017

I have been using this app for over a year now and overall it works well as an order management tool.

Good points:
- The UI is very neat and easy to use.
- Support team very responsive.
- Royal Mail integration is direct now which is good (used to go via NetDispatch which was a complete nightmare).
- Synchronisation of orders is okay, it used to be faster.

Bad points:
- There have been many periods of instability and outages in recent months, last few weeks things have improved.
- Have raised many enhancement requests which are acknowledged, but they never get fixed.

Bluestreak Crystals
Reino Unido
Aproximadamente 1 ano usando o app
Data de edição: 4 de outubro de 2019

Very happy with Zenstores, easy to use and the customer service is very efficient and friendly. i would recommend .

Reino Unido
Aproximadamente 1 ano usando o app
12 de novembro de 2020

Good overall app, support team reacts quick and is working with Yodel, which is our main carrier. Would give 5 stars, but with more orders, the sorting/filtering could definitely be improved. A "Group By" function would be brilliant.

Brew Republic
Reino Unido
Aproximadamente 1 ano usando o app
2 de outubro de 2018

Does what it says on the can, makes it so much quicker and easier to book your shipping and print your labels

well done guys - keep improving the system as tech improves and evolves

Engraveitnow Ltd
Reino Unido
4 meses usando o app
29 de janeiro de 2018

I honestly would not go without this app and it saves so much time. I still can't find a way to send International Standard letters to the US and Canada (Zenstores told me to take it up with Royal Mail and Royal Mail told me to take it up with Zenstores so I've had to give up) but thankfully I usually send large letters and Zenstores have been incredibly helpful with every other question I've had. I would definitely recommend Zenstores and could never consider going back to buying all my postage labels through PayPal and the Royal Mail website. It's not perfect but I'm seeing it improve all the time.

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13 dias usando o app