Zestard Product Matrix

Zestard Product Matrix

door Zestard Technologies

Show product variants in attractive tabular structure

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Order Multi-Product Variants

Matrix structure allows to add-to-cart multiple product variants with different combinations along with multiple quantities at one shot.

Highly Customizable

It allows many configuring options for product variants such as designs, labels, prices, product stocks, min quantity validations.

Order Out of Stock items

Our application provides the facility to order items even though they are not available in the inventory i.e "Out of Stock" products.

Over Zestard Product Matrix

Why use Zestard Product Matrix?

This app is especially useful for wholesalers and B2B (Business To Business). It allows ordering multiple quantities of products at once/ bulk order. Even when there are multiple product variants, it displays product table (matrix) on the page in such a way, that it becomes very easy to order multiple quantities of a product with different variants.

How Product Matrix will be displayed in my store?

The default Shopify product page view will be replaced by product matrix, which will display product variants in an organized way according to the number of options such that customers can easily compare price and quantity of different variants.

Can I customize product matrix displayed on my Frontend?

Yes, the product matrix is highly customizable in terms of design, language, and positioning of options/variants.

How do I get started?

To get started, install the app into your Shopify store. From there, you will be directed to set up your product matrix general settings, which you can change according to your needs. Now by pasting shortcodes in product page and cart page as per the instructions are given on the dashboard or help page, you are ready to go.

What are the main requirements for Product matrix to be displayed in my store?

The product should have at least one option and one product variant added for that product.

How does minimum quantity validation work?

A minimum quantity value will be needed to add for each product from the product settings section of the app. Now, every time customer adds the product to cart, and cart quantity is less than the minimum quantity set from product settings, the customer will be prompted and will not be allowed to add a product to the cart. After adding a product to the cart, if the quantity is reduced than the minimum quantity than also, an error prompt will be shown, and the customer will not be allowed to check out unless cart quantity is less than or equal to minimum quantity.

Features :

  • Views all product variants using a matrix on the product page, such that customers can compare different options.
  • Customers can order multiple quantities at once/ bulk order.
  • Quantity management/ Option for whether to allow out of stock products to order or not.
  • Price management/show default price or individual price for each product variant.
  • Minimum quantity validation on the product page, as well as cart page as per the minimum quantity value set from product settings product-wise.
  • Product matrix, displayed on the frontend is highly customizable in terms of design and language options.

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Extraordinary customer support. We use the app to improve the order experience and speed for our wholesale customers. Thanks to the app, our customers have the possibility to order multiple variants in different colours and sizes in just one step. It's helping us to scale our sales and develop a better user experience. As an addition, it would help if we could switch on/off the "total" rows and columns and the layout would collapse them to give the table more space to be set in. Thanks a lot,
Janos from MYMARINI.


So glad I found this app!! Finally, we can show the complexities of our product variants in a format that makes sense to our customers. The team at Zestard has been fantastic to work with! They truly understand the meaning of customer service.


Brilliant app and when I did need to contact support about some issues with the Javascript they were super quick to answer and resolve.