Zip code check & waiting list

Zip code check & waiting list

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Check customer zip code & make sure they live in delivery zone

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Local deliveries made easy!

Concentrate on local deliveries & build a waiting list as you grow. Vital tool which helps you focus on serviceable customers.

Fully customizable

App ships with variety of options to change aesthetic to match with your store look & feel. Look & feel is very important after all.

Show on other pages

App also allows showing validator on different pages which gives you flexibility to validate customers where you feel comfortable.

Über Zip code check & waiting list

Perfect companion for Shopify local delivery feature! This app is awarded and featured by Shopify!

With this app, merchants can add zip code / pin code validation as a popup, homepage section or a widget on your other pages (ex. Product page) that asks buyers to enter their zip code and validate that delivery is available in their region. If it isn’t, the app also allows buyers to join a waitlist via email, so they can be notified if the delivery area expands.

Supports all countries as long as you configure your zip codes / pin codes correctly through app.

For merchants offering delivery, it can be difficult to determine if a buyer lives in a serviceable area or not. Additionally, if a buyer orders something but they don’t live within the delivery radius, it can cause a lot of support debt for the merchant.

You can show validator as

  • Popup
  • Home page section
  • On product page
  • On cart page
  • Or any other page of your choice except checkout

This app works as a way of informing your customers about whether they live in your delivery zones. It wouldn't restrict them from adding to cart or checking out as we don't alter customers checkout flow.

Additionally merchants can configure the app to match the branding and overall look of their store. Helping merchants communicate their delivery radius to customers enables them to focus their time on the work that matters most.

Supported countries

Every country is supported as long as you configure your serviceable zip codes correctly.


  • Unlimited zip codes
  • Works with zip code format of any country
  • Partial matching (ex. 33-8** would match 33-842, 33-813, 33-800 etc.,)
  • Allows validating either through popup or homepage section or a widget.
  • Zip code based redirection
  • Allows showing widget on page of your choice! (except checkout)
  • Social sharing option to increase demand in neighborhood.
  • Ability to hide popup from certain pages.
  • Ability to configure cookie expiration.
  • Rich & fully customizable editor
  • Unlimited styling options
  • Live validator for merchants
  • Responsive and modern UI
  • Custom CSS
  • Nightly backups


This app works as a way of informing your customers about your delivery zones. It wouldn't restrict them from adding to cart or checking out.

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  • Unlimited zip codes

  • Full access to design & customization

  • Ability to add as popup or as a widget

  • Redirection based on zip code.

  • Custom CSS



  • All Basic plan features

  • Allow collecting customer waitlist emails

  • Option to show social proof during waitlist signup.

  • Social sharing option

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5.0 von 5 Sternen

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The Breakfast Pantry

This app works great and did exactly what I needed it too! The developer is SO nice and went out of his way to help me install it on specific pages of my site. I encountered one slight issue (not with the app itself, but with how it interacted with my specific theme) and he responded super quickly, fixing my issue within minutes! Would definitely recommend this app to anyone!

ReBuilt Meals

This app was everything I was looking for in a zipcode finder! Easy to use and integrate on to my site which uses the shogun page builder. Couldn't be happier :)


The app is really helpful and works perfectly using Shopify. The respons time is very fast(most often within a few minutes) and the devellopper very friendly.