Zipo: Zipcode Shipping Rates

Zipo: Zipcode Shipping Rates

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Create delivery options based on order time and postal codes

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Configure Shipping Options

Create shipping options with rates based on the destination zip code, country and order price/order total

Create Delivery Slots

Show different options based on order time. Like a lower charge for morning deliveries and a higher charge for evening deliveries

Checkout Shows Correct Options

Appropriate shipping options are automatically displayed at the checkout page based on order time and destination postal code.

Acerca de Zipo: Zipcode Shipping Rates

"Zipo: Zipcode Shipping Rates" lets you show custom shipping options and delivery slots based on the delivery address zip code and time of order at the checkout page.


One of the following requirements needs to be met for the app to work.

  • Your store is on the Advanced Shopify plan or higher.
  • Your store's Shopify plan is paid annually.

Useful for local deliveries

  • Set up delivery slots for each section of the day
  • Show different rates for fast and slow deliveries
  • Show different rates depending on the destination zip code / postal code.
  • Have 100s of zipcodes? Simple configure by uploading CSV files
  • Set price conditions: Show different rates based on order amount (subtotal price)
  • Show different rates for all regions EXCLUDING certain zipcodes / postal codes
  • Set up free deliveries based on order price/order total
  • Any combination of above

Useful for setting up free deliveries for certain zip codes / postal codes.

Useful for restricting deliveries to limited zip codes/ postal codes.

Useful for setting up different shipping charges based on order price and destination zipcodes / postal codes

Useful for setting up shipping rates based on order time (different delivery slots throughout the day)


  • Configure custom shipping rates for each location based on zipcode.
  • Show different delivery slots and shipping options throughout the day
  • Set up free deliveries based on order time and/or destination address
  • Upload lists of zipcodes using CSV files
  • Set up free deliveries or shipping charges based on order amount

Need Help?

Please reach out to us either through the chat option in the app or by email. We'll get on a call and help you configure your shipping options, based on your needs.

Feature Requests

Please get in touch if you need other features. We'll be happy to discuss and find a way to satisfy your requirements.

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Free Plan


  • Create up to 4 custom shipping options
  • Show shipping based on zipcode
  • Show shipping based on order price
  • Show shipping based on order time

Basic Plan


  • All features from Free Plan
  • Create unlimited shipping options/rates

* Todos los cargos se facturan en USD. Los cargos recurrentes, incluidos los costos mensuales o los cargos basados en el uso, se facturan cada 30 días.

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Does the job perfectly and the support is awesome, they helped us resolve our issue in no time! Once you get the gist of it, it's very easy to use as well.

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I've installed the app to allow for same day shipping to Manhattan zip codes. After some tweaking it has worked really well for us. Would highly recommend this app. Thanks for the excellent communication and fast replies Apoorv.