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28 de enero de 2022

Crashed my digital downloads. Took a week to figure out it was this app. Something about delaying the purchase stops the downloads from being sent automatically. So, I had to spend a week reaching out to customers to make sure they got their downloads. What a pain.

Green Joe Coffee Truck
Estados Unidos
9 días usando la aplicación
Zipify Apps respondió 4 de febrero de 2022

Hey Green Joe Coffee Truck, so sorry to hear things didn't go as planned. We’re actively looking into what happened and we appreciate that you provided details to help our investigation. It appears the issues are the result of a conflict with a 3rd party digital download app. We're trying to figure out what happened so we can fix it and prevent it from happening in the future. Again we apologize for any inconvenience you've experienced.

5 de noviembre de 2020

You can't use it with Paypal or any other payment provider. It's just for CC payments, which makes it useless for 95% of the transactions in Europe. Was so excited since I heard it's going native and super disappointed when I installed it and saw the restrictions. Of course, you can still use it for Pre Purchase, but it's 10x more expensive (based on order volume) than all other Apps existing for Pre Purchase for Shopify.

Eleven Australia
23 días usando la aplicación
Zipify Apps respondió 5 de noviembre de 2020

Hey Eleven Australia, we definitely understand the frustration. This is a limitation of the Shopify API at this point. We have to work within the restrictions we are given. When they open up their API to allow for Paypal and other payment processors we'll release it for OCU. We know how important Paypal and other processors are to our merchants so as soon as Shopify allows we'll get it rolled out for you.

2 de noviembre de 2020

Terrible experience. Here is what happened to me and what could happen to you if you install ocu app: Your add to cart button will suddenly redirect directly to the checkout instead of your slider cart. (even though you didn't tick the box that is doing that in case you want to) And you will lose 1 hour with a customer support agent who doesn't understand this simple but big problem. Have fun ! ps: i am a zipify page customer for over a year and a half on 4 different stores (same brand in different languages) and an OCU customer on 2 of them (through the old way of setting up the ocu app)

Popi Hair FR
Reino Unido
4 días usando la aplicación
Zipify Apps respondió 2 de noviembre de 2020

Hey there Popi Hair FR!
Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry to hear that you had an issue with your installation. We have extensively tested OCU prior to launch, including on our own 9 figure Shopify store. That said, no two Shopify stores are alike and there are endless combinations of themes, apps and other custom changes.

We'd LOVE the opportunity to look into what happened and how we can get this fixed for you ASAP.

However, it looks like you disabled the app. Would you be able to reach back out to support so we could have someone from our dev team look at this for you?