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6 de novembro de 2020

Ezra and his team have built an incredible app. We're using it to create pre-purpose bumps, post purchase upsells & downsells. Super fast & works seemlessly with fast load speeds!

Home Shielders
Tempo gasto no app: Mais de 2 anos
6 de novembro de 2020

Legacy OCU user just migrated to Native, the app is super fast and provides both pre and post purchase upsells, with a very reasonable monthly subscription cost. This app does everything it can at the moment and looks like it will do even more once limitations from Shopify API are removed.

Home Gym Bundle
Estados Unidos
Tempo gasto no app: 29 dias
6 de novembro de 2020

I've been using the Legacy Zipify OCU app for 2 years now. Thank you for building such a great app and providing such amazing customer support. If you want to increase your revenue by 10%, use Zipify OCU!

Bold Uniq
Reino Unido
Tempo gasto no app: 3 dias
Data de edição: 5 de novembro de 2020

5-Stars are not enough to accurately review Zipify ... they're easily a 10-Star Company! BEST APP on the store! STOKED! is an understatement to say how I feel that OCU returns with a native Shopify payments integration now! I've used OCU Legacy, but had troubles with the 3rd party payments and had to cancel it to return to Shopify payments. Also, make sure to follow Ezra Firestone and take his courses ... he's an E-comm business genius! Thus far, with the new Native OCU, it has been even easier and simple to setup in just one night. Plus, the 30-day free trial is a no-brainer. Zipify has gone above and beyond for me and my small business on countless times with support. Love OCU! You will love it too :) PS. The new order amount pricing is very helpful for small stores, and very excited about all the updates coming in 2021

Estados Unidos
Tempo gasto no app: Aproximadamente 1 ano
5 de novembro de 2020

I have been using Zipify OCU for a long time! Happy that it is now native! Looking forward to all of the possibilities. So far it's working like a charm.

Vice Anvil Tactical
Estados Unidos
Tempo gasto no app: Quase 2 anos
5 de novembro de 2020

An incredibly smart and easy to use App that helps massively in boosting average order values! One Click Upsell by Zipify has a wide variety of functions such as pre-purchase upsells and downsells and it's integrations with other apps and simplicity of use makes it our favourite app to use. In addition, the customer support is superb, you can tell they really care about their customers. Thank you so much Zipify team, keep up the great work!

Truth Origins
Reino Unido
Tempo gasto no app: Aproximadamente 2 anos
5 de novembro de 2020

Very good app for one click upsells after purchase. I've been looking forward to this app for a few months now! In just 3 days I have been able to sell several upsells already. I highly recommend this app!

Tempo gasto no app: 9 meses
5 de novembro de 2020

You can't use it with Paypal or any other payment provider. It's just for CC payments, which makes it useless for 95% of the transactions in Europe. Was so excited since I heard it's going native and super disappointed when I installed it and saw the restrictions. Of course, you can still use it for Pre Purchase, but it's 10x more expensive (based on order volume) than all other Apps existing for Pre Purchase for Shopify.

Eleven Australia
Tempo gasto no app: 23 dias
Zipify Apps deixou uma resposta 5 de novembro de 2020

Hey Eleven Australia, we definitely understand the frustration. This is a limitation of the Shopify API at this point. We have to work within the restrictions we are given. When they open up their API to allow for Paypal and other payment processors we'll release it for OCU. We know how important Paypal and other processors are to our merchants so as soon as Shopify allows we'll get it rolled out for you.

4 de novembro de 2020

I used the old version of this app and my biggest issue was integration. I definitely did have an increase in sales and my upsells converted at 12%. I deleted it because it was confusing my customers who preferred to use afterpay but now that it's integrated with shopify checkout this isn't a worry. I also love the new pricing. It used to be $67 for everyone with no free trial and now they have pricing tiers. This is hands down the best post purchase upsell option if you're wondering if it's worth it.

EXOS Health™ Natural Skincare
Estados Unidos
Tempo gasto no app: 3 meses
4 de novembro de 2020

I don't think we have been more excited about an app than this one! We've been using Zipify apps for years and after learning about the capabilities that One Click Upsell would have, we were pumped! The fact that it is native to Shopify checkout is game changing. And the pre purchase upsells are brilliantly done. We have products that before, we would display a pop up to see if the customer would like to upgrade their cart... the issue was that the customer would then have to click yes, then visit the upsell product, then add it to cart and finally, remove their original product. Whereas now, it's a simple click and they've upgraded their cart to a higher AOV. So smooth and so powerful. Thank you guys for all your hard work on this!

Live Infinitely
Estados Unidos
Tempo gasto no app: 1 dia