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21 de julho de 2021

Love this app as an add on with the Zipify Pages app! It's like Clickfunnels for Shopify - amazing! The only thing is I wish we were able to modify the checkout page like in the older Legacy version... Hopefully, they'll bring that back!

Estados Unidos
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Zipify Apps deixou uma resposta 26 de julho de 2021

Hey ABC Performance! Thanks for the honest review! Unfortuantely the limitations you're seeing on the checkout page are enforced by Shopify to streamline the checkout process across all apps. If they ever open it up to give folks like you more flexibility, we'll definitely add it in! Good to have you onboard! If you need anything just reach out.
-Team Zipify

10 de junho de 2021

This is a very good app. I like it a lot. It's helped increase our AOV and bring in extra revenue. It also really helps on those volatile days when CVR drops, the higher AOV makes you plow through those tough days and stay afloat. My only complaint is the fact that the UI and styling is very limited (or non-existent) and you can't customize the offer/page that much - this is very frustrating. If they can improve in this area the app would be excellent

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Zipify Apps deixou uma resposta 11 de junho de 2021

Hello SeidoKnives, thank you for the review. Glad to hear that OCU is helping you on those tough days! As for the limited stylings that is a limitation of the Shopify API. We've included every styling that Shopify will let us use. We're working with them to try and open it up more, but they want a consistent experience across all checkouts...which is why there are some limitations. In the future we hope this improves, but for now we work with what they give us. Thanks for the honest review! If you need anything, just reach out!
-Team Zipify

7 de abril de 2021

I used zipify's OCU. Very easy to install and implement the upsells. I am having great results. Some of my funnels are getting 37% success rate. Highly recommended for all shopify store onwers.

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Zipify Apps deixou uma resposta 8 de abril de 2021

Hey there elo! Thanks for the honest review. From the sounds of it everything is going great. A 37% conversion rate is amazing. Curious why this review was only 4 stars. Was there something missing that resulted in us missing the last star? Would love to know so we could try to rectify the situation. Either way, glad to hear things are working well. If you need anything just reach out!
-Team Zipify

Data de edição: 10 de novembro de 2020

I am giving 4 as there as some limitations, will change the rating as soon as the app improves. I think a major win for me would be an automatic option of up-selling the same product as in basket with priority on products. Right now I had to create a funnel per product which took a significant time to set up.

ZenARTSupplies | Inspiring the Artist in Everyone
Reino Unido
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Zipify Apps deixou uma resposta 11 de novembro de 2020

Hey ZenARTSupplies! Thanks taking the time to leave us a great review. We've definitely heard your feedback and already have this on our product roadmap. We'll be releasing this asap, and when we do we'll be in touch so you can start using this functionality. Hope you're enjoying OCU outside of this feature!

3 de novembro de 2020

Good App, well built. Fast Support. Super easy to use. But a little bit frustrating that most Shopify Plus users won't be able to use it until 2021. I Understand this is largely due to Shopify as well but it's like if we revert to the standard Shopify checkout then for us there's no real reason we need to be on the plus plan and paying its gigantic Bill. And it just feels stupid that we're actually considering dropping down our Shopify plan just so we can use this functionality. But having said that you guys have done a great job and a massive congratulations for pulling it off and I understand there are always teething issues just a bit frustrating is all. I'll be happy to update this review when we can use the app.

Muscle X
Nova Zelândia
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