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Would be great IF it supported multi currency and would allow you to add collections rather on a product by product basis

The Swift Fly Fishing Company
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Zipify Apps已回复 2020年11月30日

Hey there! Thanks for giving OCU a shot. We are not able to offer multi-currency due to the limitations of the Shopify API...however, I do have some good news. Adding upsells to collections is in the pipeline and should be rolled out in 4 weeks. :)


Dillon and his support team truly went above and beyond to resolve an issue for us during our trial phase. Even when they learned the issue was not on their side but in Shopify's API, they continued to offer their support, reaching out to shopify on our behalf, offering troubleshoot advice, and promptly following up with me with any updates or checking in to let me know they were still working on things. Amazing customer service. Thank you! The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is that I wish the post-purchase funnel was more customizable to better match our custom shopify theme.

Strong Brand Social
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Zipify Apps已回复 2022年9月7日

Hey Strong Brand Social! Thanks for the review. We are a little biased, but we think our support team is the best in the business! We will be sure to let Dillon and the team know about your amazing experience. Sorry to hear that you find the funnel not as customizable as you'd like for your theme. We are continuously working on adding new features for OCU, so stay tuned. In the meantime, if you need anything just reach out.
-Team Zipify


This app is amazing! I installed it in the morning and had 4 funnels set up in less than 30 minutes. Had a little glitch that was quickly fixed with their help chat and I am up and running and ready to upsell! Super easy to set up and use.

Happy Healthy Parent
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Zipify Apps已回复 2021年3月19日

Hey Happy Healthy Parent! So glad to hear you've gotten your upsell funnels up and running. This is exciting to hear. Glad our amazing support team was able to help you. If you need anything else, just reach out.
-Team Zipify


Super easy to set up and quick, responsive support. For API reasons, it didn't work w my ERP system to have post purchase add ons, but pre-purchase works great.

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Zipify Apps已回复 2022年3月25日

Hey Mikimiette! Thanks for the honest review. Glad to hear you're getting results from OCU despite the API stuff. That's a bummer. Did you reach out to our support team so they could take a look at it? We want to make sure this is something we can fix, or add to the roadmap to fix. Hope all is well!
-Team Zipify


Recently OCU has merged with Shopify, which at first was very exciting for us. Unfortunately, after discovering the app for 5-10 minutes our team quickly realized that the integration is far from being a well-developed Shopify App. The post-purchase page has very little customization. It's so basic, you may think that it's spammy and only something drop shipping stores might use. I do not recommend this app. I will re-review once the company emails me with significant updates as I am truly excited to hopefully see a strong customization function. Brands.. Need to stay on brand. Good luck.

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Zipify Apps已回复 2020年11月24日

Hey PaliRoots sorry to hear you're disappointed with the app. Unfortunately the features you're talking about aren't a limitation of OCU, they're a limitation of what Shopify allows. They do this so that the offer pages are more consistent with Shopify checkout and less promotional. We worked really hard to get as much flexibility in there for the reasons you listed...but ultimately it was up to them to limit it to what you see. That all being said, we have actually seen an increase in conversion with these new, faster offer pages. Plus we will be adding new functionality within the Shopify guidelines as Shopify allows. We hope you'll not only revisit this review with this new insight but you'll also give OCU a shot to see if it can still help you boost your AOV.
-Team Zipify


Crashed my digital downloads. Took a week to figure out it was this app. Something about delaying the purchase stops the downloads from being sent automatically. So, I had to spend a week reaching out to customers to make sure they got their downloads. What a pain.

Green Joe Coffee Truck
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Zipify Apps已回复 2022年2月4日

Hey Green Joe Coffee Truck, so sorry to hear things didn't go as planned. We’re actively looking into what happened and we appreciate that you provided details to help our investigation. It appears the issues are the result of a conflict with a 3rd party digital download app. We're trying to figure out what happened so we can fix it and prevent it from happening in the future. Again we apologize for any inconvenience you've experienced.


Terrible experience. Here is what happened to me and what could happen to you if you install ocu app: Your add to cart button will suddenly redirect directly to the checkout instead of your slider cart. (even though you didn't tick the box that is doing that in case you want to) And you will lose 1 hour with a customer support agent who doesn't understand this simple but big problem. Have fun ! ps: i am a zipify page customer for over a year and a half on 4 different stores (same brand in different languages) and an OCU customer on 2 of them (through the old way of setting up the ocu app)

Popi Hair FR
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Zipify Apps已回复 2020年11月2日

Hey there Popi Hair FR!
Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry to hear that you had an issue with your installation. We have extensively tested OCU prior to launch, including on our own 9 figure Shopify store. That said, no two Shopify stores are alike and there are endless combinations of themes, apps and other custom changes.

We'd LOVE the opportunity to look into what happened and how we can get this fixed for you ASAP.

However, it looks like you disabled the app. Would you be able to reach back out to support so we could have someone from our dev team look at this for you?


The app is intuitive, well built and the upsell pages look great. On the paper it all looks great. *BUT* My main issue has been my ads conversion tracking. OCU "highjacks" the thank you page by adding an extra page before the customer reaches the "official" thank you page. As a result, most people understand that their original order went through and just close the page and never see the shopify thank you page. This means that the conversion tracking doesn't fire. I totally see the added value of the app but its not worth loosing all your ad conversion data.

The Big Silk
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Zipify Apps已回复 2021年6月11日

Hey everyone at The Big Silk. Sorry to hear things aren't functioning as you hoped. That's always frustrating. This issue actually has to do with the Shopify checkout API. We're working with what they give us. They know this is an issue and have been working on this so you'll be able to track conversions more effectively. Our data suggests across all of our 9k users suggests that only 10% of people don’t make it to TY page. That being said, it is in the works and Shopify is going to fix this to allow for better tracking. At that point I hope you'll be able to have a better experience with OCU. If you need anything just reach out!
-Team Zipify


Love the function off the app but it lagged my site much.(we use Dawn) Another issue is that when you decline an offer.. Move on add another item to your cart. THen the old offer from the previouse off will pop up. Not the new offer that should be triggered.

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Zipify Apps已回复 2021年10月5日

Hey Zoza.no thanks for reviewing OCU. Unfortunately because you removed the app we can't look into what is going on. It sounds like this might be fixed by using funnel priority settings. We'd love to help you get this straightened out. Hope we can work together in the future. If you need anything just reach out!
-Team Zipify


I have been using OCU for several years and am updating to the new native app and it's my favorite app by far. OCU is easy to set up and works great. Also, if you ever need help Zipify's support is A++ excellent

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Zipify Apps已回复 2021年4月8日

Hey DoxinMotion! Thanks for the awesome review. Glad to be working with you for so long...and welcome to OCU Native! If you need anything just reach out.
-Team Zipify