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23. januar 2024

I've had lots of experience on various platforms. Zipify includes many of the best in class features already built in to their platform. No other apps (other than one click upsell which is easily activated) make it as easy to really improve your performance.

Zipify truly integrates with Shopify and seem to be always ahead in innovating to help you increase sales. They don't offer support at night or weekends so that's why I did not give them 5 stars.

10 måneder bruker appen
Zipify Apps svarte 31. januar 2024

Hey Troop149,

We're glad to hear that you're enjoying our features and having a good experience so far. If you need anything in the future please reach out. We have continuous coverage throughout the work week, including overnight hours for EST. We also have limited coverage on both Saturday and Sunday from 4:00a-12:00p to help address any questions that arise over the weekend.

-Team Zipify

29. november 2021

I use this for all my landing pages, especially for ads. The only thing I don't love is some of the inability to change the user interface and look of certain widgets.

Moisture Love
Over 6 år bruker appen
Zipify Apps svarte 3. desember 2021

Hey Moisture Love thanks for the honest review! We definitely understand the need to customize things, and we're working on making those types of controls more accessible to you. Thanks for the feedback, we'll definitely take it to heart! If you need anything just reach out!
-Team Zipify

Redigert 15. juni 2018

Great usability and integration with Shopify, but it would be better if it allowed a little more freedom with certain elements, like image sizes and block customization, for example.

Nesten 6 år bruker appen
8. august 2022

Zipify Support is SUPER helpful. They reply quickly and are very knowledgable. I've had a lot of questions and they have answered all of them!

Chooseco LLC
Over 4 år bruker appen
Zipify Apps svarte 10. august 2022

Hey Chooseco LLC! Thanks for the review. I might be a little biased, but I think our support team is the best around! Stoked to hear they have been able to answer all of your questions. If anything else comes up, please reach out!
-Team Zipify

18. april 2020

Easy to use interface and really helpful support staff! I wish this were more seamlessly integrated with their OCU app; however, it gets the job done :)

Keto Function
Nesten 4 år bruker appen
Redigert 20. februar 2020

Amazing! Easily the best app for landing pages and optimizing conversion rate / average order value. I would recommend this to any e-commerce company.

Clean Machine®
Over 3 år bruker appen
18. september 2019

The app is great and the support team is really helpful and supportive. They were just available when I pinged them for support.

Mira herbals Inc
Over 2 år bruker appen
Redigert 13. august 2019

Hi guys I took me quite a while to learn how to use zipify pages but it's probably just cause I'm slow to learn new software. It is a great page building program and I would recommend it.

Basically you can use it to design a full shopify website if you wanted to because unlike other page building software it allows you to design headers and footers or use the existing header and footer from your shopify store if you prefer.

The app has a range of page blocks. These are what you use to build each page and include things like
full width images
Videos with text beside them
Page dividers
Products in a row
Add to carts
Text blocks
Testimonial with quotation marks
Multiple images across
And much more

I would love to see more blocks added particularly things like images with text overlay, slideshows, image sliders , background videos with text and graphic overlays and others that you see on ecommerce websites. I think this program has the potential to replace shopify themes when you're building a new site. Because you can create most things using just zipify apps.

Support is good although is based on USA time so if you are in the Southern Hemisphere it is a little frustrating having to wait overnight for a reply. But the staff are knowledgeable and always get back to you.

If you are trying to build a whole shopify store using zipify Pages, you won't be able to change the existing product Pages as this would require extra liquid coding. But you can create your own product information pages with buy buttons from within zipify Pages anyway. So if you had a landing page you created and a call to action button on it to get more information about a product, this could open up to your own version of a product page.
Recently they added HTML blocks which is an excellent feature. It means you can take code from other apps like a reviews app and put the code on to a zipify page block so it will appear when you publish the page. An example might be to take the widget code from an app like and place that code onto a zipify block and you'll have a great looking reviews section on your page. I've also used it to place code from the Klavio email app to create a sign up form on the website.

An important feature they have is the ability to turn blocks on and off depending on the device it's being viewed on. So you can create an image block or text that shows up on your desktop website but is hidden when a Mobile user views it. You can do the reverse and have items that appear only on the mobile site. This makes designing dedicated pages for mobile and desktop very easy.

Overall it is an excellent app and I'm using it every week to tweak landing Pages.

I found the sample pages included in the app to be pretty ugly (sorry) so dont be put off by them. You can start from scratch and create your own.
Zipify pages would benefit from employing a good graphic designer to redo all the page templates.

I hope this review is helpful as I find it pretty frustrating sorting through the various apps trying to work out what they can and cant do.

Brian :-)

Power Planter Australia
Over 2 år bruker appen
15. desember 2021

very cool app. makes a lot of the page creation ,port, and recreation easier. still getting used to it but it is a pretty powerful tool without destroying your backend

Gemstone Gods
Rundt 2 år bruker appen
Zipify Apps svarte 17. desember 2021

Hey Gemstone Gods! Thanks for the honest review! We appreciate you taking the time. Glad to hear you're finding it easy to create your pages. If you need anything just reach out!
-Team Zipify

17. mai 2021

Zipify Pages is both Amazing and limiting. If you are inexperienced this is the best app you can get. If you are an experienced webdev you may find it a little limiting but I still use it constantly to test and build pages quickly.
I expect they have to have constraints on some things to be able to provide responsive and easy to use layouts for everyone.

Beauty Tools NYC
Over 1 år bruker appen
Zipify Apps svarte 24. mai 2021

Hey Beauty Tools NYC thanks for the honest review. We definitely understand what you're saying. We do have to put some constraints in like you mentioned, however we're working on a more flexible builder for advanced users like you. Until then just reach out if you need anything!
-Team Zipify