Zipcode validator to check product availability by location.

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Check Availability by Zipcode

Allow customers to check if product delivery is available before they Add to Cart.

Customize Zipcode Widget

Easily customize the display of your zipcode widget to match your store's theme.

Simple Code-Free Setup

Code-free configuration will have your app running within minutes.

关于 ZipZap

ZipZap is an easy to use zip code checker that embeds directly on your product page. It allows your customers to check whether their location is serviceable even before they Add to Cart. The zip code checker has been designed to fit seamlessly into your customer's journey and is responsive on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

If your customer's location is not serviceable then ZipZap restricts the customer from proceeding further, eliminating the scope of errors with all orders.

ZipZap supports zip code checks for all countries. Simply add the zip codes and the app will take care of the rest!

App Features

  • Unlimited zip codes.
  • One-click enable/disable app configuration.
  • Sync across all your products.
  • Allow Add to Cart option only if the zip code is valid.
  • Mobile responsive design.
  • Write your own custom headings and messages or use our default ones.
  • Easily edit colors and even the font style of the zip code checker. No coding required.
  • User-friendly dashboard layout.



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