Zoomifi Product Recommendation

Zoomifi Product Recommendation

作成: Zoomifi, Inc

Increase revenue per visitor by recommending relevant products


Increase Revenue

Grow overall sales per visitor by promoting relevant products

Longer Page View

Keep the customer engaged by offering products that they might be interested in

Sell Stagnant Inventory

Promote products that haven't been selling well

Zoomifi Product Recommendationの詳細情報

Zoomifi Product Recommendation is a great tool designed to increase overall sales per visitor. Your store visitors will see a banner with other products from your store while they are looking at a specific product. This software has three options on what products your store recommends to the visitor.

  • Automatic: This setting is based on the previous orders in your store's history. The items that sell the most will be promoted in the recommendation banner.

  • Global tags: This setting gives you the control to promote certain products to all of your visitors. Simply add the tag to the products that you'd like to promote and let the software do its magic

  • Random: This setting will promote any and all products on the banner.

How does this app work?

Magic, but not really. With the three different settings to choose from, the software will generate a banner on the landing page of a product that the site visitor is interested in. This banner will display ten or twenty-five products based on the three settings that you can choose. All of the hard work and calculations are done in the background, so you don't really have to do anything.

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