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25 de agosto de 2023

I used to like this app when it was free. but now they've made it paid on top of it, their most cheap paid plan has like 100 orders per month which is measly and utter crap.

It's astonishing how this app boasts about its 'features', only to hide them behind an insurmountable paywall. They offer a measly free trial that's about as useful as a leaky bucket. It's like walking into a bakery, smelling the fresh bread, but being told you can only see the menu without a coin to spare. A masterclass in how not to win customers.

Rolling BBQ Grill
6 meses usando la aplicación
17TRACK respondió 27 de agosto de 2023

Hi dear friend,
Thank you so much for choosing 17TRACK, we noticed that you have been installing 17TRACK for months. We are really sorry for the bad experience you had during using the app.

With the ongoing product upgrades, we applied the new plan subscriptions in June. Last year, 33 major iterations were released, we enriched APP with more features, as well as optimized and iterated each core section several times. For example, transiting to the embedded version, advancing customization of tracking page and email notifications, adding Buyer Protection service and Auto-correction of shippers, and powerful data analysis features etc.

As you know, every coin has two sides, if 17TRACK keeps optimizing and adding more useful and practical features for our users, high research and development costs will be needed. We need support and understanding from our users, and we promise that we will not let 17TRACK users down. We will always committed to offering the best tracking experience!

Thanks again for your heartfelt feedback, we really appreciate that and sincerely hope we can get understanding from you.

Best Regards,
17TRACK team

Fecha de modificación: 6 de julio de 2023

invasive, they don't answer from the support when you are speaking about client redirected to their website without your approval , as well added 17track as a "carrier" , then even if you uninstall the app "17track" stay on your native tracking page.... that company don't care about customer and loyalty. !!! don't use that app
(ha i forget to say, they ask you to put a 5 stars review to get rid of their branding ! )

15 días usando la aplicación
17TRACK respondió 27 de junio de 2023

Dear Friend, sorry to hear about the trouble you've encountered and deep apologies for causing you such a misunderstanding.

I understand this must cause you a bad experience. We've made a reply to your issue while you asked on live chat, but sadly we missed the connection with you, seems you didn't receive them. We are always here at your service.
I've sent the email to let you know the suggestion we have on the issue. This situation might be related to the shipping agents, I'll try my best to share the information that we have, hope to help you out.

If you still need our assistance, just email us anytime.

Best regards,

Fecha de modificación: 13 de mayo de 2022

When importing data from the store, the application automatically sends delivery emails to customers. Also, it is not clear why it sends again. Support wrote "oh,i checked the data,these emails was sent , the delivered should not be sent" and disappeared from chat.

1 día usando la aplicación
17TRACK respondió 14 de mayo de 2022

My friend, really thanks for your review, and we do value your feedback very highly!
So sorry about our sending logic that troubled you! we quickly set up a special group to conduct research, and adjusted it. It has been released online. Please give us a chance to keep serve for you !We are here for all your needs !

Best regards,

4 de octubre de 2023

Alrededor de 2 meses usando la aplicación