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12 dicembre 2023

The app works great, but be careful. I had already purchased a full year subscription and they tried to force me to pay for another full year only 6 months after I paid the first time because they increased their prices. I will be glad to pay the increased price after my subscription renews, but I had to contact customer support because they completely cut off our access to the app unless we paid again. After I complained, they "graciously" allowed us to delay renewing our subscription until the current plan expired. And then asked me to leave a review for the app. Not cool.

Hincapie Sportswear, Inc.
Stati Uniti
7 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
4 febbraio 2021

Not as user friendly as it needs to be. When we add new sizes, it invariably doesn't work and we have to ask our developer to fix. A UI/UX update and a bug fix would make this product a lot better.

Takeya USA
Stati Uniti
Quasi 2 anni di utilizzo dell’app
Accentuate Digital ha risposto 4 febbraio 2021

Thank you for the review. We followed up on this and it seems you have structured your custom fields in a way that requires theme updates when adding new sizes. Please get in touch with our support to let us help fix the issue you are seeing.