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25 gennaio 2022

I like this app, but if you want the app to read the text it cost $20 per month that's too expensive for small businesses, your app is supposed to be accessible and not limiting needed options as reading. I understand if you want to customized the app they can add a cost for that option but for basic stuff that's unfair.

Blooming Intimacy
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On The Map Marketing ha risposto 1 febbraio 2022

Hi Blooming Intimacy team,

Thank you for your thoughtful review and we are happy that you like our app! With this pricing in mind, we created the app so that all main features are accessed on the $5 plan—so that the app can really be accessible to as many people as possible. This gives a choice for people who wish to customize their Accessibly app's widget or add extra features to purchase the premium plan.

The reason that the “Read Text” feature is on the premium plan is that there are associated additional costs with this feature. So in order to cover these costs, we had to add this feature to our premium plan users only for now.