Add Sticky Checkout

Add Sticky Checkout

door Libautech

Display sticky add to cart button & buy now button

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Easy to Install

Automatically add an optimized sticky add to cart button or buy now button that perfectly matches your theme.

Improve Checkout Experience

The sticky cart will make it easier for customers to go to checkout. It will help you increase conversions together with buy button!

Impossible to Miss

Have your cart always visible for easier checkout! With Sticky Cart it is impossible for your customers to miss checkout.

Over Add Sticky Checkout

Whenever a customer has reached a decision to buy, you want the corresponding call-to-action (CTA) button to be on standby as close as possible. As a customer scrolls down a product page, they will see a bar that is glued to the bottom of the page (hence the term “sticky”). This sticky bar gives the customer easy access to add the product to their shopping cart at any time.

The sticky add to cart and buy now button helps you get more sales and conversion in a unique and elegant way. The sticky checkout button app adds sticky add to cart and buy now button on the product page. This button appears when a user scrolls down on a single product page, it keeps the sticky add to cart button and buy now button in front of your customer's eyes and keeps encouraging them to make a purchase.


  • Sticky add to cart button
  • Sticky buy now button
  • Boost sales effectively
  • Rename the sticky button text
  • It helps to increase the conversion rate.
  • Mostly People use mobile for shopping this app helps visitors to add a product to cart or do direct buy now checkout.
  • Edit the design easily: ber text color, bar color, button color, button text color
  • Currency Detection

Easy to install and use

Never ask you to edit template files, or configure your template files. Install and use the sticky add to cart or buy now button.

Premium Service

With our product import feature and customer service, it’s super easy to set up an App, but we are here to help you if you encounter any problems.

About Libautech

We are a one-stop agency for developing web apps and eCommerce tools to grow your business and support your client base.





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