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12. heinäkuu 2017

I've been looking for the perfect Add to Cart Button for quite a while and man did I find it! Fully customizable, font, color, corners, you can even customize what the button says.Customer support is top notch too! You can see it in action on my website www.PearlsAndRocks.com

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18. heinäkuu 2022

I set this app up last night and the process was very easy. No coding and plenty of customization options. I had one change I wanted to make that wasn't built in, so I contacted support to ask about it. Henry responded quickly and added custom code to our store so that our Add to Cart button would match our existing shopping cart icon. It's only been a day, but overall it's been a great experience. With this, we were able to add a quality-of-life improvement to our store that we've wanted for a long time, and we did so with minimal hassle.

Gnomish Bazaar
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6. helmikuu 2019

since i used this add to cart button. my website is looking pretty good and earning more trust from customer

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18. heinäkuu 2017

I wanted to make shopping easier for my customers. Less clicks to add an item to the cart. Found this in the app store. Perfection! Great customization. I needed support and all was taken care of, seamlessly,quickly in less than a day. Glad I bought it. I highly recommend this app for those who don't want their customers to endure multiple clicks just to add something to their cart.

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5. lokakuu 2018

Using as a trial on my new online store. I am new but have great expectations. At the very least it looks like a cart and not a bar at the top or bottom of the page. I wanted it in the middle but there aren't any options for that choice.

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