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Bewerkt 10 juni 2023

Purchase the lower plan (professional) to try it out and didn't get very good clicks so I thought I would try to premium plan where my merchandise will be sent to different ad places. I quickly found out conversions are not there. I have not received any sales or even any sign ups to my website and the visits are very low. I do understand you can't make a customer purchase but for the price I thought it would be a better quality of customers. I did contact customer support just in case it was user error on my part with no response. The app would be great if the conversions and quality traffic were there.

Darkness Of The Twilight Moon
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Adeagle heeft geantwoord 11 juni 2023

Thank you for sharing your experience with our app. We're sorry to hear that you didn't receive satisfactory results with our premium plan. We understand your expectations for better conversions and traffic. We also want to note that optimizing campaigns can sometimes require some time and adjustments. The success of a store can vary depending on various factors such as the uniqueness of your product, the competitiveness of the market, your marketing strategies, and other external factors. However, we are committed to assisting you in optimizing your campaigns performance for your store. We received your email and we replied to it with tips of how can you optimize your campaigns to get better results. If you have not received it, please reach out to our support again and we will be happy to send it again. We value your feedback and will take it into account as we continue to improve our app.

26 mei 2023

i'l rate 5 stars when i start making sales lol hopefully i will soon but so far everything seems okay and the app is easy to use

17 dagen gebruiken de app
30 oktober 2023

J'ai apprecier la rapidité et simplicite

Queen Shop LTD
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Ongeveer 23 uur gebruiken de app
Adeagle heeft geantwoord 1 november 2023

Thank you for your review. Please let us know if we can be of any help.

Bewerkt 6 februari 2023

dunno yet i still got to see what its all about so far so good easy interface and easy to follow directions

Axolotl R US
Ongeveer een maand gebruiken de app
11 mei 2023

Soweit ganz interessant die App, allerdings erst ab Profesional-Tarif, der aber mit 59 Euro auch teuer ist....

2 dagen gebruiken de app
Adeagle heeft geantwoord 11 mei 2023

Thanks for your review. Please let us know if you need any assistance with the app or with optimization of your campaigns. We will be happy to help :)

26 februari 2021

just begging haven't used it yet but hope that it works was easy to connect to my account and even easier to set up

Bust down jewelers
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28 dagen gebruiken de app
Adeagle heeft geantwoord 26 februari 2021

Thank you for your review! We're glad that you installed our app and hope you will be even happier after using it for some time. Please give us an update then :)

24 augustus 2020

So far, I have only launched 1 campaign, so waiting to see what the results will be but it was easy to set up

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22 dagen gebruiken de app
Adeagle heeft geantwoord 24 augustus 2020

Hi! Thanks for the review. Feel free to update your review after you get acquainted with our app and happy sailing! :)

31 oktober 2020

j'ai utiliser cet application pour avoir plus de trafic dans ma boutique. J'essaye pour voir est ce que cela marche vraiment

9 dagen gebruiken de app
7 juli 2020

I just installed and created a ad. I don't have much feedback yet. Once I use the app more I will give better feedback.

Just Pretty Beauty Supply
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9 dagen gebruiken de app
1 april 2021

I used this app and it is good, good result : perfect for new guys ....................................

Smart Selfie Stick
7 dagen gebruiken de app