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16 maart 2023

My store is new and I need to start advertising, I installed AdRoll yesterday and yes it was in a few simple clicks, BUT, what happened after that isn't very pleasant:

1- I couldn't access the application from Shopify, or even by logging in using my user, i have to use a custom URL to access the application, I know that from the support who told me that their team is working on the problem.
2- I got a big error message on the home page that Pixel is not connected, I contacted their support again and they solved the issue.
3- I tried to find the Social Ad Campaign or Recipe that I need to attract new customers, and their support told me that they removed this for now and it will be available in the future.
4- In their ad video, they say that they connect to my store at Shopify and sync the product for dynamic apps, i could find this even after 24 hours.
5- The instruction and videos on youtube is different of what you actually see, it look like another product!
6- I disconnected my Meta account, and it still shows connected even after more than 18 hours, so it wasn't an easy goodbye to this application.

The only brilliant thing I found is their support team, they are very helpful, accurate, and give you full answers, you can contact them in one click and in less than one min.

I don't know if it was a good product, but I can see that they are going in the wrong direction now.

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AdRoll heeft geantwoord 17 maart 2023

Hi there,

I am Rohini from AdRoll's Customer Support Team.

I am sorry that you had a negative experience with us. We set a high standard for ourselves, and we regret to hear this was not met in your interaction with our business.

Kindly note that there is a known issue when we log in from the Shopify app, the pricing plan is being shown. Our Developers are working with the Shopify team to rectify and sort it.

The pixel connection status and the feed configuration would take some time to reflect on the dashboard after being connected though they are done immediately with the integration as per the activation process. I agree with you that it should be something done quickly.

Currently, we do not have the option to launch a Facebook attract campaign at the moment but trust me, our Product team is working on it, and we should have the option soon.

As promised, my colleague Joshwin is working on your concern regarding the Facebook ad account disconnection which should be disconnected soon.

Thank you for your understanding and patience. If you have time, I’d love to follow up with you to understand the improvements needed to earn your recommendation and offer my help with any problems you’re having.


10 januari 2023

Too expensive. Although, I have indicated CPC as 0.10, I have spent 29.38$ for 26 clicks. Which is to be honest inadequate. I am disappointed. Support has informed me that this is normal, and it takes time for system to adjust to 0.10 CPC - if that is the case this should have been communicated prior running the ad.

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AdRoll heeft geantwoord 11 januari 2023

Hi there,

This is Tatiana from AdRoll's Customer Support Team.

I am sorry to read that your campaign's performance was not meeting your expectations. Kindly allow me a chance to turn your experience around as the customer satisfaction is always a number one priority for us.

I have personally reviewed the performance of the campaign and I do understand you have set a CPC goal of $0.10. However, the campaign could achieve $1.14 CPC in its run-time.
As much as we wish the campaign attains the set Bid Strategy goal, we need to take into consideration that the Bid Strategy acts as a goal for the campaign to achieve and thus it requires some time for the algorithm to understand the browsing behavior of your website visitors and the campaign goals.

Having said this, as you want the campaign to reach its goals at the earliest I am here to assist you with it.
I will write a detailed email with campaign optimizations that can help improve the performance so that it meets your goals. I hope that helps.

Kind regards,

Bewerkt 13 juni 2023

The adrol team seems to be experiencing cutbacks lately. We have been with them for years, but unfortunately have experienced a loss of personalized service. We received an email that our personal rep we have been with for yrs is "not working for the company anymore" and we were directed towards "general inquiries" for future assistance. Not pleased:(

Good Morning Snore Solution
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12 september 2020

Buggy. Needed to contact support multiple times to finish basic tasks.
Very high CPC. Worst of all: Takes credit for conversions it didn't even get me!
1 saving grace: Tech support is very responsive.

Verenigde Staten
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Bewerkt 30 maart 2020

Lack of control, my CPM or CPA could never be reached. In-fact changing the settings seemed to make no difference at all so not sure why they allow the ability to change CPM or target CPA when it does nothing.

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23 oktober 2017

Installed the app, wasn't happy with the auto generated ads as no option to pick products to create ads with. Support suggested requesting ads to made by the adroll team. The message says usually 3-4 days. It's been a lot longer than that and so far no contact from the team and have no idea what's happening.
We are deleting the app as don't think it's going to work for us with the kind of communication they have and the time scale to create adverts.
Cannot comment on the effectiveness as never got around to launch a campaign.

Ojas Home And Gifts
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13 december 2019

Slows down website (so many request and pixels) + Super intrusive & non customizable consent collection

La Bombilla
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AdRoll heeft geantwoord 19 december 2019

Hello there,

This is Ewa from AdRoll's Marketing team.

Firstly, I wanted to thank you for your honest assessment of your experience with AdRoll. I am very sorry to hear we haven’t met your expectations.

Our team is looking into your request and will contact you as soon as possible. We are also currently looking into the #1218453 ticket and will reach out to you shortly.


22 november 2021

My store speed collapsed after installing this app, which is a shame because the app seemed like it would be quite useful. Have deleted.

Hands of Tym
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AdRoll heeft geantwoord 23 november 2021

Hello there,

This is Ewa from AdRoll's Marketing team.

I'm very sorry to hear about your experience with the Shopify App integrated with AdRoll. This should not have happened; have you had a chance to see the email sent by our colleague, Rishiraj, on the issue? I have also followed up with you directly, let's get it investigated.

If you have some time, I’d love to offer my help if you need it and learn more about what we could do to improve our product and service to earn your recommendation.