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24 aprile 2018

Must have in India. Works as it should.

Quasi 5 anni di utilizzo dell’app
23 ottobre 2018

I have had a very good experience with this app.
It is almost perfect.
Requires one feature, Select certain collections to allow COD option or exclude certain collections from COD.

Nerd Arena
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24 dicembre 2020

We installed this App yesterday, and it works just fine for us. Initially when we checked the calculation, it was not showing rightly, but after a few minutes, it started working well, and our internal testing proved successful. Not yet tested the restriction of Pincodes yet, will provide a separate review once we test that. Only thing we would have appreciated better and given a 5 star is the CoD charges are limited to All India, and cannot create separate ones for our State, South Zone, All India etc. That would have been awesome. Currently, we have provided just one CoD charge rate for all-India, and that is proving a bit expensive for customers from our State.

Balali's Vishalam
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31 dicembre 2020

This app works fine for us. I am not sure about pin codes though (havent tested them yet).
It takes a little longer to load shipping details when using this app, but still a good option.

Boenjoy Gifts
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23 agosto 2017

The app is good and solved the pincode issue related with Cash on Delivery options in India. One of the major issues is limiting the COD option for certain products which is missing in this app. It would be helpful if shopify developers add this feature too. Another feature which could be added is COD Charges for specific products.

Be Awara
Oltre un anno di utilizzo dell’app
Data modifica: 15 luglio 2021

Improved a lot. Works fine now. But I request Shopify developers to just make one more change, i.e. instead of providing a section to upload the list of pin codes where the seller wants to provide a COD facility, please provide a section where the seller doesn't want to provide a COD facility. Uploading an enormous list of COD available pin codes is way cumbersome compared to uploading a few pin-codes where COD is not available. The list of COD available pin codes is just so enormous that it never gets uploaded and making a change in it and uploading it again is a nightmare. I request you to please make this change. It is gonna be very helpful.

Cynosure Sports
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Shopify ha risposto 12 novembre 2020

Hi, Vidhi here from the Shopify team
Thank you for sharing your feedback. We hear your concern, in our recent update we’ve improved the checkout experience of ACOD.
a)Once COD is chosen, the customer is not shown any other payment mode of checkout completion
b)To choose another payment mode, the customer will need to go back to ‘shipping’ and select ‘prepaid’
You can see the updated flow in this video-

30 ottobre 2017

Works but is very basic and lacks some essential features like:

- limiting COD on the basis of collections / products
- limiting COD on the basis of value (multiple slabs)
- charging different COD charges based on collections / order value

Add the above and I would be happy to give 5 stars.

Circa un anno di utilizzo dell’app
14 settembre 2017

We need it in Turkey . Most of popular payment is COD in Turkey.

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2 marzo 2024

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