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  • 評価の15%は4つ星です
  • 評価の5%は3つ星です
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  • 評価の8%は1つ星です

Be very careful with this app, all of a sudden it started picking up our custom pricing and editing the price to display $0.00 at check out.

Resulting in the product pricing all messed up in your cart

We explained how urgent it was to the app owner , still waiting

We have to remove from each product one by one because no help from developer

Fusion Body Art

We have been getting " refused to connect" the past 2 weeks anytime we try to open the app. I've left two support tickets, no one has got back to me. And when I try to create an account on their portal to see the tickets, it says I'm not allowed on the portal.

Then when I tried contacting them on their general site's form, after form submission it says "the site can't be reached". Is this app now dead? What is going on? I'll happily update this review if you guys actually get back to me and help us get the app running again. Please assist!

ArenaCommerceが返信しました 2023年8月2日

Can you kindly send your request to We're currently unable to locate your inquiry in our ticket system.

To resolve this matter, please access the following link by copying and pasting it into your browser:

Remember to substitute "yourstoreurl" with your precise store URL, following the format specified in our description.


Is the Tool currently offline? I can't get access to the dashboard, I get the following error message: " refused to connect." The app was working well until 2 days ago when it stopped working. We build our whole store with it so we can't access any of our functionality to change, adjust etc. Pretty bad timing as there are a couple of sales ahead starting tomorrow :/

ArenaCommerceが返信しました 2022年10月23日

We were so sorry to hear about the negative experience you had with the app. Please accept our sincerest apologies for the stress and frustration this has caused you.


After emailing me 10 times in a day asking for a review, you deserve the below rating.
App is not that good as well adding to the terrible CS

ArenaCommerceが返信しました 2020年10月11日

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. I’m very sorry we failed to meet your expectations. We have updated our system to improved performance but there are few issue happen during weekend with email system. We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.


This app keeps crashing. We rely on it for supplemental info on product listings and were just told that they do not have developers to fix it for TWO WEEKS. Two weeks where we cannot add any new products to our shop. I am beside myself - beware adding this garbage app to your site. You will not get the support you need when it stops working.

Core Fabrics

RETALIATING CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! BEWARE We ran into an issue with a custom field, where the content we placed in their app would change in the front end. When asked for support with detailed information about the issue, this was the response from their "Customer Success Specialist": We don't offer service to debug any issue from your custom code because there are a lot of tickets we should handle daily. " It is worth noting, our code was not "custom" was just the implementation of the app's functionalities. When asked to take a closer look at our original email, they dismissed it again. Good app, horrible customer support. ** Update: The app retaliated to the above review by blocking our already configured content in the app. When we reach out to them about the issue, this was their response. "Thank you for your interest in our application. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to further help. We’ve learned that aspects of your business model do not agree with our company mission, but we’ve included a list of providers we recommend" David Hoang / When confronted about this being a retaliation. This was their response: "Sorry, we have to refuse to provide this service to you. it’s not problem with your review. It’s only because we can’t meet your expectation about service. Hope you sympathize" It is clear here, as much as they want to try to hide it, that it is all about the review. Any app that highjacks your site because you were not happy with their customer service should not be part of the community. Or should users be afraid of apps blocking them based on reviews?

Aztro Marketplace
ArenaCommerceが返信しました 2020年10月1日

Thank you for your feedback. We can't support any issue that not related to the app features. It's a theme customization request so we can't help.


Very Bad! App dashboard not loading.I have try many time but load any more. Just useless this app is.

DELIGHT OptoElectronics Pte. Ltd
ArenaCommerceが返信しました 2021年5月17日

Sorry, there are some issue can happen sometimes but we always here for help. I hope that you can give us a chance to support you.


Here's my story. Been using this app for the last 2 months. The store is in the dev stage. About to go live. The app suddenly changed it's plan and immediately the freeplan I was using changed and the app became unusable. They changed the export/import paid suddenly without any notice and everyone who was using this feature and this plan affected including me. I rated this app 1 star at that time. They told me that they will give me 6 months free for removing the 1-star review. And I did remove the 1-star review. Now, they removed this app from the Indian store. So, the app became incompatible for my shopify store. Is this a joke? Suddenly the app becomes unavailable for any market? Is this how Shopify and the app behaves? What would happen if this happens to all other apps? Is Shopify a reliable platform for e-commerce development? Are you sure?

Natural Bliss
ArenaCommerceが返信しました 2021年4月27日

Thank you for your interest in the app. However, there are some features that require many months & take a high cost to maintenance so we should charge for it.


Bad response !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ArenaCommerceが返信しました 2020年5月15日

We’re sorry your experience didn’t match your expectations. It was an uncommon instance and we’ll do better.

Please feel free reach out to with any further comments, concerns, or suggestions you wish to share. We don’t receive your feedback so how can we response?
We would love to make things right if you give us another chance.