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Data modifica: 20 aprile 2024

I encountered a tech problem recently and the person who was in charge of my case, Kawaljeet, was really helpful and responded to me nicely and promptly. It's a useful Pre-order app and accommodates the need sufficiently. Try this app and you won't regret it.

After a month I found another bug with this app regarding mixed orders. When the buyers purchase pre-order products and in-stocks together, the app can only split the payment on the first product that is put in the cart. The app does not give me an option to correct the balance amount, so it becomes a big problem to me. Keeping collecting wrong balance amount makes more of my workload because I have to communicate with buyers back and forth. Worse than that, it makes my store unprofessional.
No one in this team help fix the bug, but on the contrary, keeps telling me everything is fine with their demo store and they never notice this from other users. So I will have to look for another app and do the migration, which is painful. The app provides many useful functions as usual, but there are glitches and bugs always happen sometime and somewhere. I am just tired of it.

Asmus Collectible
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18 maggio 2020

The pre-order part works fine but your customers must check their account to pay the balance due when stock returns.There is not an auto email sent to customer to advise that inventory is ready and request balance be paid...we had to do it manually. Uninstalled.

Stati Uniti
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11 settembre 2022

Seems like it would be great if all you were doing was pre-orders. Using it with any type of discount doesn't work at all so it fails for my needs. Support says it works fine with coupon codes (and automatic discounts aren't supported) but on entering a discount code, app reports discount is invalid.

Norfolk Wood Shop
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Shine Dezign Infonet ha risposto 16 settembre 2022

Thanks for your feedback. Every comment is really valuable to us.

As we have explained in the previous email, that we are not sure of another third party discount app's compatiblity with us. They operate in accordance with their strategies. We have added every possible option in our app, As API has many limitations, but we also try to work out of box.

Additionally, we stated the compatibility of the app with partial payment coupons in the global settings of the app.

Our staff is always glad to assist merchants with app setup and activation. Every message, email, and support request will receive a prompt response from us. Throughout business hours, we are accessible 12 hours a day. Shine Dezign Infonet has more than 250 five-star reviews, which I think shows how dedicated our support staff is. Whether it's a free app or a paid one, we are always delighted to offer assistance.

Sometimes things just don't go as expected (especially compatiblity with another third party apps) but I think we deserve a chance to help you to rectify the problem you had and provide you with a great service.
As you're an entrepreneur yourself, I hope this resonates and you will consider using Advanced PreOrder(Partial Pay) for your business.

Best Regards.

Data modifica: 11 febbraio 2021

I wanted to use this app because of is ability to take deposits on pre-orders, I haven't been able to find another that does. I never got as far as testing that part out. I had two main problems, firstly, the app resets "Continue Selling When Out Of Stock" on products, so if you are drop shipping anything, you can't sell when you have 0 stock. The second issue was page load speed, according to Lighthouse the app was adding a second to product page load times! This could possibly be a clash with another of the apps I use, but I'd suggest you keep an eye on it. Otherwise, bulk edit were limited, even on the paid version, and didn't always "stick". The app seemed a bit buggy, especially compared to others I've tried. On the upside, the developers were quick to respond, even on the first of January. **11th Feb - Update to this review of 12th Jan & downgrade from 2 to 1 star**
I installed and removed the app well within the 3-day trial period. When I uninstalled the app, I emailed support who confirmed I wouldn't be charged. I *was* charged, and $22.99, not the $17.99 the package I trialled cost. I emailed the developers who kept asking me to remove the update review and told me they would have to contact management to authorize the refund. I'm quite sure they had no intention of giving me back the money they wrongly charged me without me giving them a good review. Eventually I gave up and contacted Shopify support who were excellent and got the refund for me. Even after all this the developers asked me to remove the review which I think is a fair representation of my experience.

20 Twenty Store
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