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6 mei 2023

It is a nice app with tons of features. But my website's collections' page images were disappearing because of this App. I tried both image labels and CSS, but the results were the same. When disabled the app, then the collection page images were showing properly. So, after using it for more than 12 months finally I had to uninstall it.

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ZendApps heeft geantwoord 9 mei 2023

Thank you for sharing your experience with the app. It's great to hear that the app has many features and that you were able to use it for over a year. However, I understand that you experienced issues with your website's collection page images disappearing, despite trying different solutions like image labels and CSS. It's unfortunate that you had to uninstall the app because of this issue.

Our app's CSS is conflicting with the images on your collection page, causing an issue. However, we would like to assure you that we are committed to resolving this issue as quickly as possible. If you give us the opportunity, we will work to find a solution that will allow our app and your collection page images to coexist seamlessly. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask.

Bewerkt 16 december 2021

This app it doesn't work well. At least when we tested. After few tries I quit. If you choose a custom label and you need to be visible on a certain collection it doesn't work. It works 2 days at the beginning but after nothing's visible. Maybe you want to give them a chance.

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