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Elegantsy ‑ Product Labels

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Boost store sales by adding badges, labels, stickers and texts

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Pre-defined label templates

Use attractive pre-defined label templates and make your store more attractive.

Fully responsive

Labels and images are fully responsive and support all type of devices

Different labels on products

Assign the different label on each product like new arrival, best selling products

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Make your store more attractive with labels, stickers, tags, ribbon, and badges that invite customers to buy the products. Product labels are interesting applications because they act in the minds of users as approaches that draw their attention to a specific product, specific offer, or attract them and increase their interest and increase their willingness to buy.

Are you using a product label to promote products within your store? If not, you may miss some sales.

  1. The product label app makes it easy for buyers to find the right products.
  2. Help buyers make faster purchase decisions.
  3. Each product has a selection option to choose the label to configure.


  • You can add a new arrival tag on new products.
  • To highlight your best-selling products, you can add the best-selling label.
  • You can also use the label to motivate buyers, such as the Only 3 Quantity Left label to highlight the shortage of the product.


  1. Ready to use templates, does not require learning time.
  2. Set labels by product name and collection.
  3. Support both images and templates.
  4. You can set custom labels on the image of your products.
  5. You can set the height, width, text, background color, font size, etc. in the labels.
  6. Custom position for each label template and label image.
  7. You can set up a label image or template on selected products.
  8. Bulk assigns the labels to the products.
  9. Enable/disable labels.
  10. You can use attractive images/templates to display dynamic text content such as Hot, Sold Out, New, Save 25%, Save $ 35, Black Friday offer, Christmas Sale, Limited stock, etc.
  11. 33 types of CSS templates and 151 types of image label templates.
  12. You can preview how it looks in your products.
  13. Unlimited uploading of images.
  14. Create an unlimited number of labels for your products.
  15. Easily customize existing templates, or create your own using a rule.
  16. Support custom CSS.
  17. Enable/disable the app at any time.
  18. You can set up multiple label images or multiple templates on a selected product.
  19. Assign labels in products when creating the label.
  20. Label display on the product detail page.
  21. Collection support


The Product Label app can create labels easily and quickly. Promote your products, show a variety of different types of label images in your products. We don't interfere in the product original image, you can apply the labels and badges without update the product image.

How does the Product label app help you make more sales? Product labels are an excellent way to highlight specific products in your store so they stand out.

Making your customers aware of product offers and promotions means that your sales campaigns should be even more successful.

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4.7 van 5 sterren

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Ceed Fragrances

This app is a must have. Great looking badges, price, etc. Easy to use and customer support is great. I highly recommend!


I use it in Japan. 日本で使っています。 After trying two badge apps, I arrived at this app.
First of all, the low price is attractive.
Also, it's pretty nice to be able to change the letters on the badge yourself! If there is a difficulty, the size of the badge will be different when you see it on the actual site, and the banner image with the link of the target product will also have the badge. Also, the product image in the cart had a badge, which made it difficult to see. However, as soon as I told him that, he fixed it!
This aftercare is pretty good.
It is an application that can be recommended. 日本で使っています。
またバッヂの文字を自分で変更出来るのはかなり良いです! 難点があるとしたら、実際のサイトで見るとバッヂのサイズが違ったり、対象製品のリンクを貼ったバナー画像にもバッヂが貼られたりすることです。またカート内で商品画像にもバッヂが付いていて見づらかったことです。 しかし、そのことを伝えるとすぐに修正してもらえました!

World Fitness

Great App on Shopify.
App does exactly what you need it to do. Fast support when you need it.
Very easy to use. Great labels to pick from.