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Data modifica: 9 giugno 2023

Finally - I can take out the guesswork from running my business. Everything that was missing from the reports. As a very small store, it is great to have a plan which is right for my business size too. The service have been great. Any issue, they just solve it...Yulia has been extremely helpful! Awesome product. Thumbs up!

Blastbeats Vinyl
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5 giugno 2023

Excellent and detailed reporting tool, far more extensive and powerful than a lot of the Shopify ones and with super fast support from Denis.

Cutting Edge Knives
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2 giugno 2023

We were recommended by the ShopifyPlus team to use this app for our reporting needs. Mipler is a must have app for all businesses that need critical & custom reporting features. The customer service is fantastic! Highly recommended!!

Monostereo One Stop
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Omega Commerce ha risposto 5 giugno 2023

Thank you so much for sharing your feedback here!

25 maggio 2023

Mipler is a really good app with detailed customization for reports. On top of that they have a very responsive and helpful staff.

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Omega Commerce ha risposto 30 maggio 2023

Wow, thanks a lot for leaving such a great feedback here.

23 maggio 2023

Mipler is great for small businesses who need more reporting than what the basic Shopify subscription provides. The staff are super helpful and friendly - I needed help setting up a custom report and Yulia created it for me. It was exactly what I needed and super quick also.

Red Earth Wandering
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Omega Commerce ha risposto 30 maggio 2023

Wow, that's fantastic!
Thank you so much for taking the time to share your feedback with us - we really appreciate it!

23 maggio 2023

Great functionality of the report tool!

The support we've experienced was also very good. Very fast help from Denis :).

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Omega Commerce ha risposto 30 maggio 2023

Just wanted to give you a huge shoutout and say thank you for taking the time to post such an awesome review.
Really appreciate it!

23 maggio 2023

Its a good app, easy to use and their customer support is great. They were very helpful with the request and got back to me quickly

Regno Unito
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19 maggio 2023

This app provides views that shopfiy should be providing for it's customers. It's good at what it does, but it's too expensive.

Michelle Armas
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Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: 7 mesi
18 maggio 2023

Denis and Yulia have been terrific in terms of supporting our business and creating custom reports that are catered to our needs! The team at Mipler is super responsive and reliable, and we strongly recommend this app. Thanks guys!

Northern Fitness
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Omega Commerce ha risposto 19 maggio 2023

Wow, thank you so much for that beautiful feedback!
We are so happy to have been able to provide a solution that met your needs.

15 maggio 2023

Very useful application, also for having metafields in reports. Super fast assistance and they resolved our requests right away.

Giunti EDUcare
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Omega Commerce ha risposto 15 maggio 2023

Thanks a lot!
I was happy to assist you :)