Affiliate Marketing Program

Affiliate Marketing Program

da AAAeCommerce Inc

Grow with Affiliates to Boost Sales and Recurring Members

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Track your Affiliate

Easily track your sales and customers signup through affiliates. Affiliate can easily track the sales & signup made through their reference

Unlimited Affiliates

With Affiliate marketing, Unlimited number of Affiliates can promote your products and store. No limits on affiliate signup.

Affiliate Tier System

Give more commission percentage to the affiliates who generates more sale automatically. Also setup commission easily for every affiliate.

Su Affiliate Marketing Program

Best Affiliate & Referral Marketing APP on Shopify

Affiliate Marketing app guarantees the best pricing that no one can compete with. This app provides all the affiliate features one needs, that will allow you to exceptionally boost your income with the best affiliates in the market.

How APP Works?

  • Affiliate signup on your store.
  • They promote your products & store on different channels.
  • They refer customers to your site for commission.
  • Customer purchases the product or signup and commission generated for the affiliate.
  • You get sales & your Affiliates get a commission.

Most Popular Features of Affiliates Marketing

  • Unique Affiliate Dashboard inside your store branding.
  • Setup different commissions for each Affiliate.
  • Instagram Discount Code Sharing.
  • One-click Social Sharing to Facebook
  • Bulk Email to Affiliates
  • Bulk payment by Paypal to Affiliates
  • Manually Pay to Affiliates and add in records.
  • Multi-level Affiliate Commission
  • Affiliate Tier System

Affiliate exclusive features

Unlimited Affiliates

With our app, No limits on affiliate signup. An unlimited number of Affiliates can promote your products and store.

Set Payout Rates Per Affiliate

Each of your affiliates can be set to their own commission percentage.

Affiliate Groups

Set the different levels of commissions for each group of Affiliate networks.

Multi-level Affiliate Marketing

Turn On your Affiliate platform into an MLM system that will boost your own affiliates to recruit new leads.

Lifetime Commissions

Allow your affiliates to receive a commission on all future purchases by the customer. No worries anymore about Cookies or different browsers

Banners Management

Provides different Banners that will help your Affiliates to promote your products and store on any website with an embedded code.

Easily pay influencers

Pay Affiliates earnings via PayPal Mass Pay, via Discount Code, or update manually.

Affiliate Coupons

Store Owners can provide Offers for the products and Affiliates can create their own unique code to share with their friends and track it.

Friendly Affiliate Links

Affiliates will be able to use friendly links instead of the default one with a better-looking structure when the link is shared and much easier to read

Direct Link For Affiliate

Affiliate Direct Link Tracking allows editing the format of normal affiliate links to be shorter and friendlier.

Affiliate Reports

Detailed Affiliate reports or payments stats for Admin and each Affiliate into Account Page.

Notifications By Affiliate

Email Notifications for different activities to admin

Recurring Membership Commission

Give the commission to customers if they bring members to the store. Assign recurring commission on every renewal.

Si integra con

  • PayPal,
  • membership app,
  • Loyalty app

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Prezzi 15 giorni di prova gratuita



$0.50 per Affiliate Order

  • Upto 5 Affiliate Orders/month

  • After 5 orders,app charge an additional $0.50/order

  • Unlimited Affiliates Signup

  • Manage Affiliates dashboard



$0.50 per Affiliate Order

  • All Above +

  • Tier system (3 levels)

  • Set individual commission for the Affiliates

  • Pay Affiliates by PayPal

  • Thank you Page Affiliate Popup

* Tutte le spese sono fatturate in USD. Le addebiti ricorrenti, comprese le spese per utilizzo o mensili, sono fatturate ogni 30 giorni.

3.5 stelle su 5

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J Fashion Store

Very user friendly and easy to use. Getting set up couldn't be easier with their incredibly helpful staff. I would highly recommend this Affiliate App.


Great apps i just start using now. But one point is sur the customer service is the best one. they anwser straightaway and help very well.

Nuts 'N More

Great app and great team at AAAecommerce. Sachin is super knowledgeable and gets your questions answered fast! =)